Big Brother: Battle of the (Bottle) Blondes

It seems like just about everyone in the house this week is either very happy or very upset over the results of the last HoH competition. Those in the Sixth Sense alliance are ecstatic that two of their own will be back in the HoH room again, the others, not so much. Audrey feels like she’s made a comeback over the past two weeks, since she doesn’t seem to be enemy number one anymore, but she’s still not quite sitting pretty. Steve is kicking himself for failing the challenge so spectacularly. Jackie feels alone in the house without Jeff.

Jason feels alone too. He’s afraid that he’ll be put up on the block again, since the only week he wasn’t on the block was the week that he himself was HoH. And he’s got reason to be afraid. Even though he doesn’t have anyone in his corner at the moment, he’s a smart guy. He’s very observant of everything that goes on in the house, and that scares some of the people in charge this week. The Sixth Sense’s main goal is to keep Liz safe until Julia can join the fray, and Jason and John are the two who seem to be keeping the closest eye on everything twin. Yet John doesn’t seem to be on anyone’s radar (always the pawn, never the target). The HoHs know that they’ve got to be careful around him when it comes to anything involving the twins, and yet no one is even considering evicting him (thankfully). He’s just as observant as Jason, but he’s a lot more low-key about it, most of the time. Like when he’s not pretending to take pictures of Liz, trying to get her to smile and show her crowned tooth.

Something that’s causing a little drama in the house right now is the fact that James got four votes for eviction this week. I think everyone was expecting Jackie to vote to keep Jeff, but three other votes? It concerns Austin, who rants a little to Liz about it. Liz, who voted for Jeff to stay, keeps quiet about it. She knows that telling the truth would set Austin off, as well as a few other alliance members. So she keeps it to herself and lets the others speculate on who betrayed them.

In the HoH room, Austin, Shelli, Liz and Clay try to figure out who to put up on the block, but this week, they don’t seem to have a specific target. They’ve already ousted their big competition, so they seem a little lost this time around. Liz wants to put up Jackie, for some reason, but the main consensus is that they need to get rid of someone who would come after them next week (duh. That is how it usually works, guys). Top of their list is Jason, followed by Meg and James. Audrey is a target for the other side of the house, but they acknowledge that if they don’t put her up, the rest of the house guests are going to figure out what they’re doing. I’m pretty sure they’ve already figured it out, guys. They’re not dumb. The dumb one was kicked out last week.

At one point, Jackie, who finally seems to have woken up a little now that Jeff is gone, pulls Austin aside to talk game. She wants him to know that even though he and Jeff didn’t get along, there’s no reason why there has to be bad blood between him and her now too. He assures her that she’s safe because he wants her to stay in the game and might possibly want to work with her, but Liz might put her up as a pawn. She, of course, heads straight up to the HoH room to relay all of this information to Shelli, who is not happy about this news. She and Vanessa agree a little later that they need to be really careful about what they say in front of Austin from now on, because he can’t be trusted to keep things secret. And thus, he continues his descent into the bowels of the alliance.

Audrey also goes to Shelli with news: Jason is out to get Shelli and will be gunning for her the moment she’s not HoH anymore. Of course, this is a giant lie, just like almost everything that comes out of Audrey’s mouth. Audrey would actually be Jason’s target should he ever to gain control of the house again, and that freaks her out. So she decides to sic Shelli on him to get rid of him before he can get rid of her. Shelli falls for it and decides she’s going to put Jason up on the block.

Bad news for John though. They need a pawn to go up next to Jason, and guess who Shelli and Clay decide to use AGAIN? This poor guy just can’t get a break. He’s gotten lucky these past few weeks, managing to avoid the block on eviction nights despite the fact that he’s been put up every single week, but that luck can’t last forever. I really hope that he’ll make it through this week and then win HoH next week. Then he’ll be able to exact revenge on some of these people and make them do his dirty work for a change.

So the nomination ceremony comes around, and Liz nominates James and Jackie, and Shelli nominates John and Jason. Everyone knows that John isn’t a target, so this freaks Jason out a little more. He’s pretty upset because Shelli admitted she put him up because someone told her that he would be coming after her next week. He goes to talk to her about it, and of course, Audrey’s name comes up. Jason vehemently denies ever saying anything about targeting Shelli, which pisses Shelli off when she realizes that she’s been played by Audrey. Again. As if this is something new. Seriously, at this point, I don’t think she has any right to be shocked or offended that Audrey lied to her. THIS IS WHAT AUDREY DOES.

And indeed, when Shelli confronts Audrey about it, Audrey admits that she didn’t actually hear the news from Jason himself (Translation: she was lying through her teeth). She’d just heard it being said around the house, from the alliance, no less. Shelli is fuming. She tells Audrey that the only reason why she targeted Jason was because of what Audrey had said. She’s been defending Audrey this whole time, but now she’s not sure if she should be. Audrey, in tears, tells Shelli that she fears that Jason will first target her and then go after Shelli if he stays in the house. I really hope that Shelli again sees what a manipulator Audrey is and boots her out of the house. She may be a good shield, but is it worth it when she’s so manipulative? She’s like the scorpion to Shelli’s frog. Shelli is carrying her across the summer, believing that Audrey won’t sting her because she needs her, but it’s in Audrey’s nature to sting and sting again. Hopefully Shelli won’t realize this fact too late.

Meanwhile, Jackie goes to talk to Liz about her nomination, and Liz assures her that she’s not the target, even going so far as to promise that she won’t be the one going home. When Jackie pushes to find out whom Liz’s target is, Liz gets angry. She doesn’t think that Jackie has earned the right to know who her target is, because she hasn’t made enough of an attempt to talk to her before this. She tells Austin that she wouldn’t be upset if Jackie went home after this conversation. Honestly, and I know this happens every week, every year, but I’m so tired of the attitude house guests adopt when they become HoH. How dare Jackie even try to find out what Liz was thinking when she nominated her? As if she wouldn’t have done exactly the same thing if their positions were reversed. I’m starting to wonder if maybe she’s a little bit jealous of Jackie because she and Austin do have a bit of a connection.

The BoB challenge comes around, and the nominees have to compete in a game called Grunge BoB. One section at a time, the teams have to search through four areas (Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Smashing Pumpkins and Screaming Trees) to find four keys used to unlock Alice, who is chained to a tree. The first team to unlock the dummy and bring her to Nirvana wins and jumps down from the block.

At first, it seems like a snap for Jason and John. They easily get two keys while Jackie and James struggle to find their first key in the Screaming Trees. But Jason and John get stuck in their last section, Smashing Pumpkins, trying to find a key, and Jackie and James surpass them, grabbing up their last key and unlocking Alice. They reach Nirvana, and the game is over. Jackie and James are safe, and Liz is dethroned. And to make matters worse for the losers, they and Liz have to form a boy band called Whackstreet Boys and perform whenever they’re told to. Hilarious.

Will John be able to win back his old friend, Veto, again this week? Or will he remain on the block and risk eviction for the first time? We’ll find out on Wednesday.

– Rebecca

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