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They say you fight harder when your back is up against the wall. Well, Jeff’s back is definitely up against the wall right now, and he’s ready to fight. He’s made some mistakes this week, and he’s ready to address some of them in order to get the votes he needs to stay.

There are others in the house that are also upset that Jeff is on the block. Jason is pissed that Audrey has slipped through the cracks yet again this week. Jackie, who still doesn’t seem to get that Jeff is not into her, is devastated her TAR partner may be going home this week. He’s the only one she trusts in the house, even though he’s barely spoken a word to her since they got here.

James didn’t seem to be worried when he was put up on the block and he shrugged it off when he and John lost the BoB, and he’s still cool with being up on the block now. He apparently doesn’t care if he’s sent home; he’s got lots of hot chicks back there waiting for him (barf). He’s just chillin’ while Jeff kills himself trying to secure votes. Jeff talks to just about everyone, trying to convince them that if they keep him in the house, he’ll protect them from eviction.

I’ve never understood why the people on the block, often the house guests who are at the bottom of the popularity ladder, seem to think that they have the kind of power needed to protect someone else from eviction. Unless they’re competition beasts, the people fighting hardest to keep themselves in the game from the position of the block are usually in no place to offer that kind of protection. Maybe everyone in the house realizes that these are empty and desperate promises too.

Anyway, he talks his way through the house, trying his hardest to get people on his side. He thinks that if he can get to Clay and Shelli, he’ll have a chance. Clay tells Jeff that he’d played too hard, too fast. He doesn’t trust him anymore. Jeff apologizes for talking about splitting him and Shelli up and promises that he’ll change the way he plays the game. He tries the same thing with Shelli too, but he goes one step further when she tells him that she could’ve taken him far in the game, but he’d broken her trust: he turns on the tears. I’ll admit, for a second, I’d thought he was being sincere, but he puts me in my place almost immediately. Cut to him talking to Jackie (for once in this game; she must’ve been beside herself with joy after wondering for weeks if she’d just imagined their time together on The Amazing Race.) He tells her that Shelli is an emotional person, and sometimes you have to turn on the emotions to get to her. Classy. But Shelli seemed to fall for it, so he had hope.

He even tries to convince Austin of all people to keep him in the game. Dude is clueless. Austin plays along, and tells him to keep an eye out and report back to him. Hilarious! It blows my mind that after what happened a few days ago, Jeff actually still thinks that Austin has his back.

And even if Austin was truly on his side at one point, he definitely isn’t now. Liz/Julia do their little switcheroo, and Julia tells Liz about what’s happened over the past few days. She tells Liz to stay away from Jeff because Jeff has been the catalyst of the whole twin thing because of his pushing Austin. Liz clearly isn’t listening to a word that Julia is saying, and pretty much immediately goes straight to Jeff. She knows that Austin has a thing for her and that he’s a bit of a jealous person (they were sleeping in the same bed together, and he got upset when Liz told Steve she loved him. Come on. It’s clear that she loves Steve the same way she’d love a puppy.), but that doesn’t stop her from hanging out in bed with Jeff. They talk about the twin thing (she tells him that she doesn’t have one; he knows otherwise), and flirt with each other when Austin comes in and freaks out. He demands to know what they’re doing, and when Jeff jokingly invites him to lay down with them, it just pisses Austin off even more. He leaves the room before he can go off on them both, but then freaks out to first Vanessa and then Clay. He even tells Audrey that Jeff is playing the game hard and that he’s attacking Liz, making her feel uncomfortable.

Wow. Have we found our new Caleb? Dude is clearly unhinged when it comes to Liz, and he knows it. He admits in the DR that he’s a romantic guy and that he could see himself throwing the whole game away for love. He knows he doesn’t see things clearly when Liz is around, which is not good. And what makes it even sadder is the fact that Liz clearly doesn’t feel the same way. Though it boggles my mind, she seems to be into Jeff. At the very least, she thinks she can control Jeff by flirting with him, and she can use him to her advantage if he stays in the game.

This brings us to the voting. Liz does, in fact, vote to evict James, along with Steve, John and Jackie. But it’s not enough to save Jeff: he goes home with a vote of 7-4. Jackie immediately starts crying, and Meg joins in too, the two of them hugging it out as Jeff joins Julie on stage. He insists to Julie that he and Jackie were close, even though he avoided her like the plague. He admits to purposefully flirting with Liz in front of Austin because it pissed him off. He thinks Austin is creepy, and as much as I don’t want to agree with Jeff, I can’t deny it. We’ve now seen a new side of Austin, and it’s not pretty. I’m hoping he’ll settle down now that his main rival is out of the picture.

So now it’s time for the new HoH competition! It’s a quiz style game called Bustin’ Moves, in which the house guests have to watch a group of dancers perform a dance routine and then answer questions based on said routine. It’s all part of ’90s week. I can’t wait to see what else they pull out of the bag for this. Anyway, after only a few questions, Liz and Shelli win HoH! The Sixth Sense is back in charge! So unless the girls decide Austin needs to go because of his creepiness, their alliance should make it through another week and Liz will be one step closer to bringing her sister into the game.

A couple of extras:

* I expected Steve to excel at this HoH challenge, since he’s so smart, so I was shocked when he was out after the first question

* For the past two Thursdays we’ve been “treated” to Jeff’s close up face as first Kathy Griffin, and then Gronk spoke directly to them. Thank God we won’t be subjected to that anymore.

* Apparently Vanessa’s true colours are starting to show, and they’re not very nice. According to people who watch the feeds, she’s been ruling the house with an iron fist, freaking out whenever someone didn’t let her manipulate them the way she wanted. Someone in their alliance admitted to only being 90% sure about getting rid of Jeff, and she immediately felt they were being disloyal. Also, she apparently admitted to the others in the alliance that she basically had no intention of keeping John safe after he threw the BoB challenge. He’d served his purpose, so she had no more use for him. I now no longer know who I want to win this game. John, maybe?

– Rebecca

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  1. Didn’t know you were a Big Brother fan! My sister turned me onto it a few years back (the horrendous 15 season with Aaryn and Ginamarie the racists, and Amanda the despicable human being), and I haven’t went away since.

    Jeff needs to be gone. Missed this last night as I was on a date, but I’ll be watching in a bit. Nice post!

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