Mind Capsules – Justice League #42 and Planet Hulk #3

Justice League #42
Justice League #42

Writer – Geoff Johns
Artist – Jason Fabok
Colours – Brad Anderson

Myrina Black stands revealed as does her master plan which would explain why everything that is happening is happening. Superman and Luthor find themselves on Apokolips, the rest of the League is having no luck fighting the Anti-Monitor and Batman gains some useful knowledge in this week’s issue. You have to give Geoff Johns credit as he is crafting perhaps the finest story-arc of this series thus far. It is exciting and entertaining beyond anything that has happened previously and there are so many cogs in this machine that have been introduced, it is both a treat for the reader and a wonder that he can keep them all straight. The one plotline that is more interesting than the rest that runs through the book involves Grail and the Anti-Monitor whom she serves and the connection to her mother, Myrina Black. While it is touched upon in the issue, that connection and that mystery will hopefully be explored a bit further in later issues. What is quite intriguing to also see is that the League is essentially powerless against the Anti-Monitor as he stops them dead in their tracks with their only salvation being Metron who teleports them out of there. Central to everything and to his being on Earth in the first place is Darkseid of course, the leader of Apokolips who wants nothing more than the destruction of everything and the man whom Myrina Black is fixated upon, and Darkseid upon her. The book leaves you with a lot of questions that you cannot wait to get the answers for and the way it leaves you hanging in this particular issue is especially spine-tingling. Jason Fabok, fresh off of Batman Eternal provides some extremely stellar pencils and has situated himself as one of DC’s premier artists and a perfect fit for this title about gods, both mortal and immortal. Two issues into this arc and Justice League has become a book that you simply cannot miss.

4 out of 5

Planet Hulk #3
Planet Hulk #3

Writer – Sam Humphries
Artist – Marc Laming
Colours – Jordan Boyd

Steve Rogers – Captain America, Doc Green and Devil Dinosaur start the book off with a bang as they battle a Sea Hulk where none should be. After all of their time in the arena though, it is no wonder that the good Captain and his dinosaur rule the day. But their troubles are only beginning as they must make their way through the land of the Tribal Hulks for who knows what will happen. Sam Humphries and Marc Laming provide another entertaining read in the latest issue of Planet Hulk, even if little happened after the defeat of the Sea Hulk. Doc Green prattles on and on as he did all of last issue and while it is interesting, a little more action to pick the pace up a little would have been nice to see. The real star of the book so far has been Devil as he simply makes everything better just by being there, but as it is, he is a valued member of the team and a great supporting character. Marc Laming for his part does an incredible job on the pencils and the book looks incredible because of it. Everything in it looks savage, from the Captain to Devil, to the land itself and everything that populates it and it is impressive to say the least that he can make it seem so. Again, while the title has been fairly good on the whole, a little more action to liven things up would be great, especially as our heroes find themselves in a land of Hulks. All in all, it is enjoyable and a pretty good title amongst the multitude of titles that has been released so far in Marvel’s latest big event.

3.5 out of 5

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