Issue by Issue – The Warlord #90

Warlord_Vol_1_90Writer – Cary Burkett
Artist – Rich Buckler
Inker – Rich Buckler
Colours – Jerry Serpe
Letters – Adam Kubert

Issue ninety of The Warlord sees Travis Morgan reflecting on his life and his latest actions. Leadership weighs heavy on him, for while he does not mind taking men into battle or to freedom, it is what comes after that really makes him pause. Morgan is a man of adventure and he never feels more at home than when his life is in jeopardy and while most people would be happy to lead and be in a position of power, Morgan is not. Quite a bit happens in this issue courtesy of Cary Burkett and Rich Buckler and while it is interesting to see Morgan try and come to terms with his current position in life, there is also a lot of action within these pages as well, as Tara joins Morgan in a quest to retrieve a cache of gold to pay the pirates with. The book being what it is, things never go smoothly for our heroes and they run into some trouble in the form of an ancient magical guardian. This issue also sees Jennifer Morgan finally catch up to Tinder in the Evil One’s lair. Burkett has been laying the seeds for something big to happen with the Tinder plotline, it is only a matter of when it is going to happen. What we now know is that it will have something to do with the Evil One, we just do not know in what form it will take. Thankfully Jennifer is there to look after Tinder though when it comes to the Evil One, all bets are off. One of the better parts of the book was seeing Tara stand up to Morgan and tell him how things are going to be and that if the relationship between the two is to survive, they have to spend time together. Morgan seems a little beside himself at first, but soon gets over it when she helps him to defeat the creature they encounter. There may be a lot going on, but Burkett had everything sorted and it was quite enjoyable on the whole.

3.5 out of 5

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