Issue by Issue – The Warlord #89


Writer – Cary Burkett
Artist – Rich Buckler
Inker – Rich Buckler
Colours – Jerry Serpe
Letters – Adam Kubert

Arriving in the port city of Bakwele, Morgan had come looking for help but in doing so, the young son of Patch, the woman he was to meet has gotten captured by the city forces and now he must mount a daring rescue. Cary Burkett does a number of interesting things with this issue, the most notable among them seeing Morgan feel shame, a feeling he is a little unfamiliar with. In the time that Morgan was lost in time, stories started to spread about a warrior with a winged helmet who would save everyone from the New Atlanteans. Yet when push comes to shove in this issue and our hero is called upon to help save the people of Bakwele and lead them to freedom, he backs down. Morgan gives the excuse that he is needed elsewhere, which of course is Shamballah, but Patch tells him the revolution has to start somewhere and why not here where he has already caused so much trouble? It is then that when the book ends, you can see Morgan filled with shame and self-loathing because it is rare that he ever backs down from a fight or a call for help and it is one of the better character moments to be found in the series in the past number of issues. Of course this would not be a Warlord book without some action and there is quite a bit to be found as Morgan and Scarheart do indeed go to rescue the boy and must do so through more than a few Atlanteans as well as their leader. What would be nice to see is if this character-building that Burkett has done continues, or if it will just be left with this one story. As the fight continues with these New Atlanteans, you can only keep reading to find out, but it should be quite interesting.

3.5 out of 5

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