Mind Capsules – A-Force #2 and Batman Beyond #2

A-Force #2
A-Force #2

Writer – Marguerite Bennett, G. Willow Wilson
Artist – Jorge Molina
Inker – Craig Yeung, Walden Wong
Colours – Laura Martin

After the banishment of America, the women of Arcadia are none too happy with She-Hulk, so when a strange girl appears, who looks strangely like a cross between Captain Universe and Eternity, some call for her to stay and some want her gone and it is all up to She-Hulk to decide. There is also the added problem of the mysterious portals that keep appearing, which may be due to the arrival of the mysterious stranger, and the danger they bring. Marguerite Bennett and G. Willow Wilson write a good story and with this issue, they add a little mystery to the book with the arrival of this new stranger.  What with the drama already present amongst our cast as well, it ups the tension in the book significantly. While some people like Nico and Loki like the new addition to their little family, Medusa is very outspoken at having her gone, especially as they find themselves attacked by a Sentinel. The great thing about this book is how true everyone remains to their essential characteristics, alternate world or not. The cast is fantastic as Wilson and Bennett have pulled from all corners of the Marvel Universe to make up the team and having She-Hulk as the leader, especially over Loki or Medusa is inspired. It also makes the ending of the book all the better as She-Hulk is ready to lead the team into the unknown. Artistically, Jorge Molina’s pencils are tight and extremely expressive and because of them, A-Force is one of the better drawn books to come out under the Secret Wars banner. What is a little unclear at the moment is where this book is going, but with the cliff-hanger that we are left on, perhaps it will make itself known next issue.

3.5 out of 5

Batman Beyond #2
Batman Beyond #2

Writer – Dan Jurgens
Artist – Bernard Chang
Colours – Marcelo Maiolo

After getting himself trapped in a prison without the help of his suit, Tim has also found himself locked up with Barbara Gordon and he is more than a little surprised. For her part, Barbara is too because if there was one person she never expected to see in this world, it would be Tim Drake. There is no time for catch-up though as Brother Eye is out to get them and so they have run and talk later. While Futures End was a letdown, Dan Jurgens is making Batman Beyond a lot of fun and seeing Barbara enter the story makes it all that more entertaining. Even better though is to see some of Terry McGinnis’s world enter the picture in the form of Inque, one of his better villains. Even at two issues in, Jurgens has been doing a nice balancing act in combining Terry’s past with the new future that Tim finds himself in, which is not the same future that Terry had left in Futures End. That is what new readers have to expect when picking up this book, simply the fact that this is not the same, familiar Batman Beyond that many grew to love over the years. The only thing that remains a constant is the suit and the rest of the book is open to change, which so far, has been done so to great effect. Brother Eye is still a fairly dangerous threat, but it is good to see that not all of humanity has been completely wiped out as of yet. It should be really interesting to see if Tim just remains in and around Gotham or if he will make his way out and about the world in his quest to defeat the electronic monster. With a suspenseful cliff-hanger, Batman Beyond manages to be a surprisingly captivating reboot of a classic property.

3.5 out of 5

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