Monday Mixin’s – Indie/Pop/Folk Compilation – Summer 2015

alexrainbirdMusic returns with a fantastic new summer mix featuring some great new artists you may or may not have heard of.  What you can depend on is that known or not, they will produce some of the best music you will have listened to all week.


0:00 Charles William – ‘Where You Wanna Be’
3:43 Edward R. — ‘Wolves and the Water’
6:48 Secret Company — ‘Lifeline’
10:00 Ludvig Moon – ‘Swim Dream’
14:06 Canopy Climbers — ‘Potion’
18:50 Anthem Academy — ‘Every Little Beat’
22:03 Cold Shoulders — ‘A Thousand Little Bugs’
24:27 Sophie Elizabeth — ‘See You In Peru’
27:25 Clemency – ‘Color Hit the Canvas’
33:35 Jef Joslin — ‘Come Out West’
38:35 Songs of Water — ‘Golden Summer’
43:00 Vincent Liou — ‘Rain’
45:44 Youth — ‘Fallen Short’
49:34 Katie and I — ‘Quicksand’
53:28 PEAKS — ‘Lights On’
57:10 Cheat Codes — ‘Adventure’
1:00:34 Nick Lopez — ‘Simple Things’
1:03:53 Diamond Mind — ‘Acid Jungle’
1:07:06 Daniel Sumstine — ‘Child of Divorce’

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