Mind Capsules – Korvac Saga #1 and Grayson #9

Korvac Saga #1
Korvac Saga #1

Writer – Dan Abnett
Artist – Otto Schmidt
Colours – Cris Peter

For those wondering what happened to the original Guardians of the Galaxy in Guardians 3000 and if we would see them again, then wonder no more as they appear in this week’s latest Secret Wars tie-in, Korvac Saga. Named after the famous Avengers storyline from many moons ago featuring the villain so named Korvac, this book finds him as the Baron of a domain where the Guardians are its protectors. A neighbouring domain is ruled by Simon Williams, better known as Wonder Man and its rules enforced by his team of Avengers and the book will see the two lands and men come together. Bad things are happening in the land as people are starting to talk about stars and the lack of them. People are starting to remember the time before the end of all universes and the time before Doom and for some, including Korvac and the Guardians, it is frightening as they have no idea what it means. Dan Abnett has made this become a very interesting title in how he has tied it into every other book by showing the cracks in Battleworld. Doom’s world is coming apart, slowly, but coming apart and this book provides the reader a look at one of those faults. That is not the only reason to read the book though as we get to see the Guardians in action again, this time facing down the Abomination of all villains. There is some intrigue as well as Korvac must deal with not only ruling a kingdom and preventing outside forces from destroying what he has built, but with Simon Williams and what he has planned, though it has yet to be revealed. The artwork by Otto Schmidt is good and the story engaging which is what all new series should aim for. So far Korvac Saga is off to a strong start featuring some great action, a good mystery and an ending to hook your interest and keep you coming back.

4 out of 5

Grayson #9
Grayson #9

Writer – Tom King, Tim Seeley
Artist – Mikel Janin
Colours – Jeremy Cox

Spyral now finds itself without Mr. Minos, the man having met his final fate and so Helena has nopw stepped into the driver’s seat. Minos’ shadowy partners, or acquaintances at best, now look to her to get her house in order as someone is killing agents and all signs point to Dick Grayson. Tom King and Tim Seeley continue to spin a mysterious web with Spyral at its center. Minos might be gone but the missions continue and Grayson is still undercover and trying to find out just what it is that needs finding out. Hopefully when he does so, Helena is not in harm’s way nor the one in the crosshairs. This issue, while still featuring the intrigue and action that it has become known for also features a little humour as well. It is not the kind that makes you laugh out loud or anything, but it is a wry and almost cavalier sort of humour on Dick’s part that really puts a smile on your face. For the most part, the issue is reminiscent of old spy movies, like James Bond for instance, with the dashing agent and the daring mission and altogether, it was a truly fantastic issue. Helping it along like he has done for most of them is Mikel Janin whose pencils are simply exquisite. Clean, dynamic and full of energy, Janin really makes the book come alive and the colours by Jeremy Cox really make them pop. The book of course leaves things off on a bit of a cliff-hanger to keep you coming back for more and with all of the things that take place in this book on a monthly basis and the care that goes into making it, you cannot help but to do so.

4 out of 5

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