Big Brother Episode 2: A Different Game

It’s time for part two of the Big Brother Season Premiere!  As soon as the recap from the first episode is done, Julie jumps right into it all by introducing the next six people who are about to enter the house.  So we shall do the same!

Liz – A Capricorn with no filter.  She loves attention and would definitely be up for a showmance this year.  And she thinks the biggest threat will be jealous girls.  She also says she has no filter, so here’s hoping for some massive fireworks!

Jason – A cashier from Massachusetts who lives in his mother’s basement.  He’s definitely a diva, and he calls himself a Big Brother ‘herstorian’.  He loves bright colours and has no room for basic people.

Vanessa – A professional poker player.  She went to school to study game theory, which is the study of strategic decision-making, and she says her poker playing skills will also come in handy on the show.

John – The rock star dentist.  He’s admittedly all about the money, and also admittedly not all about relationships.  Showmances are ok, but watch out, ladies.  This guy will chew you up and spit you out.  Oh, and he also hates super fans, something I REALLY hope he’ll divulge to the rest of the group.  With at least three super fans in the group (Da, Steve and Jason), he could end up making some powerful enemies.

Steve – A music and audio engineering student.  If he and I went to high school together, he would’ve been in the band right beside me.  Or well, in the back row with the rest of the trombone players.  He’s a total nerd and a super fan, so he’ll either do really well or absolutely terrible.  It’s hard to tell. General nerd love is running pretty high right now, but his social skills are non-existent.  It could be rough for him.

Becky – An outdoorsy woman from Denver.  She says her advantage is that she’s easy to trust, which will enable her to manipulate the other HG’s.  So apparently everyone here thinks they’re the master manipulator and all the other house guests will be their puppets.  We’ll see which of them are right.

Julie lets them all know about the BoB and BB Takeover, and then she sends them into the house.  And there’s screaming.  So much screaming.  And lots of ‘ohmigod’s’.  Of course the girls are all into Clay.  We get it.  He’s pretty.  Steve doesn’t know what to do with himself.  He’s not used to being around actual humans.  Austin is delighted by Jason:  “I feel like I’m Seabiscuit, and he’s my jockey.”  I love this guy.

Vanessa feels at a disadvantage since the first eight people had had so much time together before the last six went in, so she immediately tries to get information from everyone.  Clay thinks Steve looks like Ian from a few seasons ago, and wants to keep an eye on him.  Poor Steve.  This doesn’t bode well for him.

There’s always one person who insists on screaming everything in the confessional, as if the microphones can’t pick up the timbre of his voice, and this year, it’s John.  Get ready to turn down the TV every time this guy speaks.  He’s effing LOUD.

Truth vs untruth: John tells everyone he’s a dentist, but Da isn’t buying it.  He doesn’t strike her as a dentist, so he must be lying.  Honestly, who lies about being a dentist?  And Vanessa tells everyone that she’s a DJ.

Once introductions are over, the HG’s get to talking about the two empty seats at the table, so of course we cut back to Julie, who tells us that a surprise guest will have a twist for the first BB Takeover.  And that guest is…Phil from the Amazing Race.  His twist is that he’ll be sending Jeff and Jackie, from this past season of the Amazing Race, into the game.  These two met on the show and raced together as one of the blind date couples.  They’re apparently just friends, but the other house guests immediately see them as a threat.  If they can’t win everyone over quickly, they’ll end up being the first ones out the door.

Before long, it’s time for the second HoH competition!  Once again, they have to decide amongst themselves who will sit out of the game, and Vanessa volunteers, though only after a few moments of silence as no one else steps up.  So both poker players are the ones to opt out.  Interesting.

The rest of the players suit up to play UFOh No, which is basically the movie that last night’s HG’s were promoting while getting tomatoes flung at them.  These guys have to hold onto a post in the ground while aliens try to suck them up into the mother ship.  Steve tells the audience that he doesn’t want to win, but he doesn’t want to be out first either.  He just wants to go out in the middle so that people won’t think he’s too strong or too week.  So of course, he’s the first one out.

Next, Jeff does a stupid thing and takes himself out of the competition.  He doesn’t want to seem too strong either, so up he goes into the mother ship.  He might as well give up the whole competition now.  The Amazing Race is an entirely different game, so maybe he doesn’t understand how Big Brother works, but if you’ve already got a target on your back, you probably shouldn’t make it even easier for the other house guests to vote you out of the house.

Jackie’s got the right idea.  As the contestants fly off their posts one by one and land in a pile of hay, Jackie and Jason hang tight to their posts.  It’s clear that though she’s trying hard, there’s no way she’ll beat Jason, as she’s more than halfway up her post, and Jason is just chilling on his own.  So she makes a deal with him: she’ll let go if he doesn’t nominate her.  He agrees, and thus, Jason is the second HoH!

That’s it!  Or almost.  Just before we leave the house guests for a few days, Phil communicates with them one more time: Da and Vanessa both opted out of the competition, which is risky, but it could also be rewarding.  And that’s all he gives them, prompting more freak-outs and discussion on what this could mean before we’re shut out until Sunday, unless you subscribe to the live feeds.

What does everyone think of the second half of the house guests?  Do any stand out, either in a good or a bad way?  Leave a comment below!

– Rebecca

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