Definitely a Massacre – Spring Break Massacre (2008)

The only massacre a person will find in Spring Break Massacre is the one that will assault the senses and eighty minutes of one’s life. There is very little going for this film to recommend unless one is a fan of grade Z cinema or one of the actors who deigned to make an appearance within. Funny enough, the audience has to give everyone involved in this some credit because it looks like they tried to make as good a slasher film as they could. It is almost as if you can actually see them trying, really trying and though the film ends up being sort of terrible, they deserve a few kudos for doing so.

The movie involves a man wrongly convicted for killing a girl way back, who then returns to start killing off a whole group of them as they are on vacation. Reggie from Phantasm is the sheriff out to stop him and he fails miserably, thus ending up with a lot of bodies.

springbreakmassacre2For those wanting to know, there is a bit of nudity in the film because one cannot have a slasher without some naked ladies, though it does not amount to very much. There are no scares and the film is not frightening, suspenseful or really, any sort of anything. The only feeling anyone gets while watching this is indifference which is not a good thing for any movie.

springbreakmassacreAside from Reggie Bannister starring, scream-queen Linnea Quigley makes a cameo with the only redeeming part going to Sara Minnich who stars as the leading lady. Minnich above all showed some real talent, so the film did have that at least going for it.

While it would have been nice to see some really bloody killings with something to set them apart from other slashers, sadly there was nothing. On the whole, Spring Break Massacre disappointed and though it seems as if everyone did their best, the end result was just not good enough.

1.5 out of 5

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