Big Brother 17 – First Impressions


The Telltale Mind would like to welcome aboard Rebecca (thatsjustgreatr) as a new contributor to the site who, as a huge fan, will be sharing her thoughts and feelings about Big Brother USA over the course of the new season.  If you like the show or have thoughts of your own, give a holler down in the comments below.

Well, it’s almost time for Big Brother to start again!  In less than a week, we’ll get to officially meet this summer’s house guests.  If you’re anything like me, you’ve been waiting for next Wednesday for AGES, and you immediately devoured CBS‘s or EW‘s articles about the lucky 14 people who have made it onto the show.

I know I definitely did.  And based on what I’ve read so far, there are a few people I already love, one person I’m pretty sure I’m going to hate….and a bunch whose bios are already putting me to sleep.  My opinion could, and probably will, change over the course of the show (after all, I originally picked Christine as one of my favourites last year, and boy was THAT a mistake), but below are my first impressions of some of this year’s house guests:

John McGuire
John McGuireI’ve generally got a thing for nerds, so when I first saw this guy’s picture, I assumed we’d get along fine.  And then I read his bio.  Not only is he not a nerd, but according to him, he hates “nerdy know-it-alls,” and he basically wants to get rid of them immediately.  So basically, he doesn’t like strategic players, which, in my opinion, are usually the most interesting to watch.  The offensive people and hotheads are fun to watch for a little while, but it gets old fast.  It’s the people who can think one step ahead and keep their social game intact that are fascinating to watch.  This guy does not seem like that kind of guy.  Plus based on what he said about showmances, he seems pretty slimy.  We are not going to be friends.

Shelli Poole
Shelli PooleMy first thought when I saw Shelli was, “Well, here’s this year’s Brittany.”  She’s the older, divorced, but still (somewhat) hot house guest.  But after finishing her bio, I decided that that assumption was probably unfair to Brittany.  Brittany was annoying and whiny, but at least she had a backbone.  I don’t think Shelli will have that issue.  She’s apparently jumped from relationship to relationship, so it sounds like she doesn’t know how to be happy alone, which means she’ll probably attach herself to the first poor house guest that’s nice to her.  She gave up trying out for the show in the past because a boyfriend mocked her for it, so she probably doesn’t have much confidence in herself. I have the feeling she’ll be someone’s very loyal lapdog.  Now that I think about it, it sounds like she’ll be this year’s Victoria.

Steve Moses
Steve MosesWell, he’s admittedly often compared to Sheldon, so this should be interesting.  I think Steve will either do really well, or really bad.  Intelligence-wise, he’s got it all.  He may be able to analyze the other house guests better than some of the others.  His social game may be a different story though.  His bio did talk about him sucking up to teachers in school, so if he can do the same to the people in charge, he may be able to ride some coattails.  But his intelligence and very specific interests could get him into trouble as well.  If he rubs people the wrong way–and there’s a very good chance that could happen–he could be the first to walk out the door.  I hope not though.  He could be interesting to watch.

Jace Agolli
Jace AgolliThis year’s Hayden.  That is all.



Da’Vonne Rogers
Da'Vonne RogersThis year’s Jacosta?



Jason Roy
Jason RoyThis guy could be interesting as well.  He says he wants to start an all-female alliance and get rid of the strong dudes.  If Jason can pull this off, I would be very shocked, but I would also be completely for it.  It also sounds like he’s pretty forthcoming in real life and not afraid to tell someone off, so it’ll be fun to watch him try to rein it in.  Or let loose on someone who deserves it.  If he gets in with the right alliance, I could see him going far.  Here’s hoping for that all-female alliance!

Vanessa Rousso
Vanessa RoussoI think I’m really going to like her.  She’s confident, she seems smart, and it seems like she’s ready to play a great strategic game.  I think the poker playing may come in handy, as she’ll be able to bluff and sidestep iffy situations.  It may also help her analyze situations objectively.  I hope, anyway.  Who knows; maybe she’ll end up being the most emotional one there.


Audrey Middleton
Audrey MiddletonBy now, everyone has heard the news.  She’s a trans-woman.  I, for one, think it’s great.  I just hope the rest of the house guests will think so too.  She’s apparently going to tell everyone in the premiere, so at least it’ll be out there right from the start.  Personality-wise, she seems pretty well-rounded.  At first, she seemed a little ditzy, what with the astrology bit and all, but she also likes camping and physical activities.  If the house guests can see past the trans part, she may go far.

Clay Honeycutt
Clay HoneycuttI keep wanting to call him Emmett.  (Damn you, Queer as Folk!)  Anyway, at first glance, it looked like Clay could be this year’s Cody–this year’s token pretty boy college grad.  But this guy sounds like he might actually have some brains in his head.  (Don’t get me wrong–I loved Cody, but he didn’t play a great strategic game.  If it hadn’t been for Derrick, I’m not sure how far he’d have made it last year.)  Clay seems like he could be a physical contender, plus he says he loves the underdogs, so it sounds like he’ll be able to easily make friends with anyone.  Plus, based on what he said he’d bring into the house if he could, it sounds like he’s got a good sense of humour.  If he can surround himself with a good alliance, he could make it far.

Austin Matelson
Austin MatelsonThis guy sounds amazing.  I am so looking forward to seeing what he can do.  He’s a professional wrestler, but he’s also a hippie and loves yoga, cheerleading and gymnastics.  It also sounds like he’s really smart and very goal-oriented.  Plus, he said he’d bring Color Me Badd CDs with him into the house.  Hilarious.  Austin is definitely the person I’m most looking forward to seeing in action.


The few others that are left…well, none of them hold any kind of interest for me.  At least not yet.  They may turn out to be the most interesting to watch, but based on their bios, I don’t have much of an opinion on any of them.  We’ll see.

As for my pick for this year’s winner, I think Clay could pull it off.  Again, we’ll see.  Who are your picks for winner?  Who do you love and hate and love to hate so far?  Only a few more days, and then our wait will be over!  Big Brother season is almost upon us once again!

– Rebecca

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    • I know, lol. The beginnings of reality shows are always complicated. It usually takes at least a few episodes to be able to remember everyone. And some people are just never memorable. lol.

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  1. I love your reference to Queer as folk (one of my very favorite shows!) I find I usually can’t form an opinion until the first couple episodes….I can’t wait to watch this season 🙂

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    • It’s one of my favourite shows too. How I miss it. I’m sure that some of these first impressions are going to turn out way wrong (like last year, with Christine or the year before with Aaryn), but we’ll see. I can’t wait either. I feel like I’ve been waiting forever!

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