Mind Capsules – Thors #1 and Black Canary #1

Thors #1
Thors #1

Writer –  Jason Aaron
Artist – Chris Sprouse
Inker – Karl Story
Colours – Marte Gracia

In the Secret Wars universe, God Doom rules all with the help of his peacekeepers, the Thors.  Every Thor that has ever been seen and those that have not including a Groot Thor are in this book with Ultimate Thor and Beta Ray Bill taking the lead.  It is ingenious that Doom would do as such; using the Thors to keep the peace and police all of the kingdoms under his domain and this book takes a closer look at them as they try to solve a murder.  If it was just one murder, it would be an easy enough thing, but there are five of them in five different lands and thus with a serial killer on their hands it makes things a whole lot harder.  Jason Aaron brings this murder mystery to life with the help of Chris Sprouse, Karl Story and Marte Gracia and it is a lot of fun simply watching all of these Thors interact with each other, never mind the case.  But even so, it is the case that keeps you reading as it is a mystery that has everyone perplexed and the clock is ticking for them, for they not only need to solve this before the next woman is murdered but also before it reaches the notice of Doom as there is nobody that wants him to get involved on a personal level.  Ultimate Thor is quite the interesting character and his relationship with Beta Ray Bill is great to see, like a buddy comedy almost even amongst the direness of the situation.  The most curious character in the book is Groot Thor and just how he came to be and going forward, seeing more of him would be good and hopefully he will catch on with fans.  The artwork is perfect as Sprouse always does a great job and the story and is one that never fails to keep your attention.  A little more history on the Corps as a whole would be nice, but so far the book is off to a really good start.

4 out of 5

Black Canary #1
Black Canary #1

Writer – Brendan Fletcher
Artist – Annie Wu
Colours – Lee Loughridge

The first issue of this new Black Canary series sees a new take on the familiar heroine as she is now the lead singer of a band, though one that is in a bit of trouble.  It seems that at every show they perform, Canary cannot help but get into a fight which causes a lot of damage to the venue and their reputation.  Eventually we learn that she is fighting monsters and that for some reason they are after band member Ditto.  The why still remains to be seen.  The first thing you notice about this book is the amazingly spectacular artwork by Annie Wu and the mainly pastel palette used by Lee Loughridge.  The panel-flow is fairly standard but it is what Wu does with them and her incredible character-work that really makes the book flow  Pencils aside, you cannot have a good book without the right script and that is courtesy of Brendan Fletcher who has breathed new life into Batgirl of late.  In this story, Black Canary is still a bit of a mystery.  We are not made privy to her name, only the initials D.D. and we are given just a very slight glimpse of her background.  Despite the sparsity of the information on our hero, it is that mysteriousness that really draws you into the story as you want to know more about her, who those monsters are, why she is fronting a band and so on.  With a ton of action, drama and a cool introductory sequence starting out the book like a magazine article, this book is off to a truly fantastic beginning.

4.5 out of 5

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