Mind Capsules – Weirdworld #1 and Inhumans: Attilan Rising #2

Weirdworld #1

Writer – Jason Aaron
Artist – Mike Del Mundo
Colours – Mike Del Mundo, Marco D’Alfonso

Arkon is having a bad day. It is probably the worst day of his life and it just keeps getting worse. Polemachus is gone and Arkon finds himself in a strange land where things do not make sense and everything is unfamiliar. He does not know what to do and just when he is about to give up, that sweet sound of battle rings and his spirits are lightened. Battle is not only what he lives for, it is where he lives. Jason Aaron resurrects Arkon for a new generation as part of Marvel’s Secret Wars event and it finds the former leader of men all alone looking for purpose and searching for his homeland, Polemachus. The book is brought to vivid life by Mike Del Mundo, most recently having drawn the excellent Elektra series which came to a premature end and he really outdoes himself. This first issue is truly breathtaking as Del Mundo draws these alien-looking vistas, the ogres and the creatures that inhabit it, not to mention Arkon and the surprise villainess at the end of the book. This is definitely not the Weirdworld of old and while that one was pretty good, this one seems to have great potential and may just be better. The characterization for Arkon is perfect as Aaron really nails down that feeling of loss and loneliness touched with a bit of crazy. Now that we have already seen Arkon in battle with his ask-questions-later attitude, it remains to be seen if he will gain any friends or allies as the title goes forward. For now, he has definitely made some enemies and they are none too happy with his actions. Along with Ghost Racers, Weirdworld is taking Marvel comics and their Secret Wars event into some strange yet amazing territory and it could not be any better or any more fun.

5 out of 5

Inhumans Attilan Rising #2
Inhumans: Attilan Rising #2

Writer – Charles Soule
Artist – John Timms
Inker – Roberto Poggi
Colours – Frank D’Armata

The second issue of Attilan Rising sees Medusa’s agent, Auran trying to infiltrate The Quiet Room Club in the hopes of finding some information on The Voice, the resistance movement that has God Doom irritated. Suffice it to say she does not get very far as Black Bolt, the owner of the club and unknown to Auran, the leader of The Voice, is a hard one to fool. Auran is not alone though as Kamala Khan is also in disguise and soon the two are in the midst of shutting down the whole operation. This latest foray into the world of the Inhumans is a good one as Charles Soule and John Timms manage to make this alternate land and its altered, yet familiar inhabitants quite a lot of fun. One of the big differences many will notice right away is the fact that Black Bolt can talk. How this affects his power or even if his power is even the same still remains to be seen, but it should be interesting when he starts using whatever it might be. The supporting cast is fantastic, being some members of the Nuhumans we were introduced to previously as well as some familiar characters like Karnak and Matt Murdock and it goes to prove that nothing is really off limits in these various Secret Wars books. It is hard to really find any fault in this book as it was such an enjoyable read and it was great to see Ms. Marvel play a part as well. If there was one, it would be that it had to end, which is not a bad thing really as it leaves you wanting more. Attilan Rising is another win for both Marvel and for their big event.

4 out of 5

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