Mind Capsules – Ghost Racers #1 and Earth 2: Society #1

Ghost Racers #1
Ghost Racers #1

Writer – Felippe Smith
Artist – Juan Gedeon
Colours – Tamra Bonvillain

From the recap page that is more of an introductory to the world of the Ghost Racers to the very last panel, this new Secret Wards tie-in never fails to excite. With the introduction of the Killiseum, the team of Ghost Racers made up of the five we all know of and love including Robbie Reyes, Danny Ketch, Carter Slade, Alejandra Blaze and Johnny Blaze and the Death Race 2000-like premise, this book rockets forward with an unrelenting pace and a ton of action. Felippe Smith and Juan Gedeon have created a nice little masterpiece of cinema on the page. As of this moment, this book is unlike any of the other Secret Wars titles and it is so far, perhaps the best one of them all. Here you have the Spirits of Ignition held as slaves to race against their will and where the game looks like it is more than fixed and you can bet it is as with Arcade in charge, how could it not be? For his part, Arcade is the perfect showman to have as he really lays it down thick with the announcing, but when all is said and done, how could you not be excited by the end of it? Robbie Reyes is still the character we know and love, albeit he now races for a living, or at least to live which has not yet been made perfectly clear. There is a big mystery to which the book is left on and it makes you wonder why it is happening and yet, you can see where the book is leading much like the other titles that are running at the moment which will end up being a confrontation with Doom at some point. The artwork is electric and every page really comes alive in your hands as these Ghost Racers attack each other so that they might claim the win. That is all thanks to Juan Gedeon and when you couple that with Smith’s fantastic script, this book is a no-brainer to pick up.

5 out of 5

Earth 2 Society #1
Earth 2: Society #1

Writer – Daniel H. Wilson
Artist – Jorge Jiminez
Colours – John Rauch

The first issue of the latest incarnation of Earth 2 begins from Batman’s point of view as he is not only hunting down Terry Sloan but also trying to stop other crimes as they happen simultaneously. You could call Sloan the saviour of humanity and he is the head of the new peacekeeping force protecting the new Earth 2, but someone is after him and Sloan is running scared. Daniel H. Wilson and Jorge Jiminez provide a fairly solid opening chapter although the book takes for granted that you have been keeping up on their previous adventures. You should know who Batman is, what is going on with the ships, the planet and Green Lantern’s new status. It is not a bad thing necessarily as you soon pick things up quickly, but a little recap might have helped out those new to the title just a little bit more. The artwork looks great and it is nice to see Jorge Jiminez doing pencils for a full book instead of just jamming with other artists to put a title out on time (see World’s End). There are some new status quos introduced, such as the population size and the number of cities now present on the planet. New Gotham just so happens to be one of these cities and it already resembles the Gotham of old with its seedy underbelly of crime and lawlessness. It is good to see some of our favourite heroes make a return like Lois Lane/Red Tornado, Huntress, Supergirl, Flash, Mera and Mr. Terrific and it will be good to see them in some all-new adventures on this unexplored planet. An intriguing premise coupled with some good storytelling makes for a strong start to Earth 2: Society.

3.5 out of 5

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  1. I’ve not read Ghost Racers #1 (that cover is awesome btw!), but I did decide to check out Earth #2 Society #1 It was ok, but I’m still not sure I’m sold on the idea of it. I used to really enjoy the last Earth 2 regular title, until World’s End, then I just stopped enjoying the series as it changed beyond all recognition. Earth 2 Society #1 was a good start, picking up after Convergence ect, might check out a couple of more issues and see how it goes. Best thing about this new series though is the art, which I thought was really good.

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