Mind Capsules – Spider-Woman #8 and Midnighter #1

Spider-Woman #8
Spider-Woman #8

Writer – Dennis Hopeless
Artist – Javier Rodriguez
Inker – Alvaro Lopez
Colours – Muntsa Vicente

The action and humour that is Spider-Woman keeps going strong with Dennis Hopeless and Javier Rodriguez at the helm as she goes up against Killdozer, or at least his wife that is. After discovering the secret community made up of the wives, children and families of super-villains, Jessica was at first suspicious that they were under some kind of mind control or being held prisoner or some such thing and instead finds that it is the opposite and everyone is here of their own free will. The problem remaining is that no one in this small town wanted to be found and they think Spider-Woman is here to out their existence when the truth could not be farther from that fact. From the very first page, the book establishes the funny and refuses to quit until the very last one. Of course Hopeless packs it full of action and drama to boot and wraps up Spider-Woman’s first official case back as a private investigator. A large part of this book’s success is due to the pencils of Javier Rodriguez. He has helped to breathe new life into the title and without him; the book would definitely not be the same. While the cast of supporting characters has yet to be firmly established, it looks as if Ben Urich will be a main player and hopefully, Porcupine becomes one as well. Where this title had started off on a fairly serious note and in the midst of a crossover, it has taken on a completely different identity and one that is definitely for the better. Out of all the Spider-books being published at the moment, this one stands apart as the one you need to read when you need a good laugh.

4 out of 5

Midnighter #1
Midnighter #1

Writer – Steve Orlando
Artist – Aco
Inker – Aco, Hugo Petrus
Colours – Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Breaking from the pack of brand new DC titles is the former Wildstorm hero Midnighter in a new solo book that sees him a little on the outs. We find our hero being single, having broken up with Apollo which is a shame and looking for love. But the book is not all about Midnighter’s dating habits and as such, we do get a bit of action and excitement too as the God Garden has been raided of all its weapons by a mystery intruder. Of course, as Midnighter is a product of the God Garden, he is called to arms and he has absolutely no qualms about it. This is exactly what a first issue of a new series should have, being equal parts drama and action and enough intrigue to keep you interested from the beginning to end. Midnighter has always been an extremely fascinating character, at first envisioned as a Batman analogue who went on to gain his own unique characteristics and most of those are on full display here. Even when it looks like Midnighter is relaxing, whether it is just getting a drink or going on a date, the man looks and is dangerous and he gets a chance to put those skills he knows on full display a couple of times throughout the book. It is good to see a writer like Steve Orlando on the title as he really seems to understand the character and with some truly great artwork by Aco, this book should please not only those Wildstorm fans of old, but those new to Midnighter as well. With a great little cliff-hanger, the first issue of Midnighter will make you want to come back for more which is what any good first issue should do. A very pleasant surprise.

4 out of 5

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