Draining Your Life – Bloodsuckers (1970)

Despite the complete and utter mess that this movie turned out to be, there were a few things that are surprisingly good about it. As a horror film it failed miserable at being so, but if it was going not for horror but to be horrible it definitely succeeded on that point. There is little that is frightening about this film when all is said and done which is a shame. Perhaps the insane amount of drug use during the first ten minutes would qualify or perhaps the sheer randomness and insanity as it went from scene to scene could also be considered, but if looking for some good old-fashioned scares this film that is supposed to be about vampires simply does not cut it.

bloodsuckers5The good? It has Peter Cushing of Hammer fame in it and Patrick Macnee more famously known for his role in the television show The Avengers. Together, they add some class and aplomb to the film and save it from being an utter travesty. At times there are parts in this movie that make sense and more often than not those parts star one of these two men, but even then, once pieced together the movie is still barely worth watching.

bloodsuckers4The cinematography is actually another good thing that this movie boasts and despite what is going on in any particular scene, it always looks good so there is that at least. It is just too bad there was not a decent story or script or any solid direction to hold it together. As far as the vampires go, the film does try to do something different with their mythology but after twenty minutes into the film, you find you really do not care what they do or what is happening.

While not worth seeking out, Bloodsuckers is that perfect two-in-the-morning, late Friday night fare. Maybe if this film were permeated with commercials it might digest more easily and after everything that happens and everything you see, there is something about it that once you start, you cannot stop watching it. Bloodsuckers is like a cleverly laid trap that way and if you are smart, you will avoid it at all costs.

2 out of 5
bloodsuckers3 bloodsuckers2

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