Mind Capsules – A-Force #1 and Planet Hulk #1

A-Force #1
A-Force #1

Writer – Marguerite Bennett, F. Willow Wilson
Artist – Jorge Molina
Inker – Jorge Molina, Craig Yeung
Colours – Laura Martin, Matt Milla

One of the first titles to spin out of Secret Wars and one of the most talked about thus far is A-Force by Marguerite Bennett, F. Willow Wilson and Jorge Molina. The main reason for this being it features an all-female cast, although that is not something exactly new in comics with Fearless Defenders, Birds of Prey and Gotham Girls being just a few that come to mind. As it stands, A-Force is a fun exercise in trying something a little familiar in an environment that is completely different to anything that we have seen before from Marvel Comics. Alternate realities and monarchies, yes those have also been featured many times over, but nothing quite as severe as it is under that of Victor Von Doom. If you happen to pick up this book you will find that A-Force is not so much a team as a peacekeeping force for the country of Arcadia. True, they are made up predominantly of female superheroes, but there are men to be found as well. So far the cast is eclectic and excellent with She-Hulk, Miss America, the female Loki, Storm, Jean Grey, Spider-Woman, Dazzler, Medusa, Pixie and Nico from the Runaways making it up, just to name a few. There is even an aquatic force used to protect the waters around Arcadia called the Sub-Mariners made up of Namor, Namora and Namorita which is a really smart concept. This book finds A-Force and its members at odds with Doom’s laws and you can see where this title might be headed already. Being only the first issue with only so much room for story to tell, there are sure to be many more surprises and much more excitement to come. For a first issue, A-Force is off to a great start.

4 out of 5

Planet Hulk #1
Planet Hulk #1

Writer- Sam Humphries
Artist – Marc Laming
Colours – Jordan Boyd

Out of every book that Marvel is going to release in conjunction with Secret Wars, this might be the best one of all simply for the fact that it has Devil Dinosaur amongst its cast. Most books, in fact all books would require more criteria than that to be named excellent, but you cannot doubt the power and awesomeness of Devil Dinosaur! Aside from that, Sam Humphries and Marc Laming deliver a really fun tale that finds a Steve Rogers called The Captain battling it out in an arena with Devil for the pleasure of the crowds. But The Captain manages to break Doom’s law and in exchange for his life and the chance to find Bucky, Doom will need him to enter Greenland and kill the Red King. The problem is that the Red King is a Hulk as is everything in Greenland. So to survive, The Captain must traverse a land of Hulks to kill the lead Hulk which he will accept with the condition his Dinosaur comes along. As of late, Humphries has been doing a great job on Star-Lord and he brings that same excitement to Planet Hulk with a great introductory tale to this new land and these new, yet familiar characters. The Captain is still the Steve Rogers we know and love, a little different maybe, but has all the aspects that made him the hero he was in the Marvel Universe proper. As for the country, Greenland looks to be a harsh country and it will be quite exciting to see where Humphries and Marc Laming take the story, especially once The Captain starts to encounter some proper Hulks. Great stuff by all involved.

4 out of 5

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