Mind Capsules – Avengers World #21 and Convergence #7

Avengers World #21
Avengers World #21

Writer – Frank Barbiere
Artist – Marco Checchetto
Colours – Andres Mossa

The final part of Before Time Runs Out and the last issue of Avengers World finds a couple of our heroes in a bit of a funk.  The first is Thor, the Odinson, who is still not over the fact that he has lost his hammer.  For those that may not remember, this storyline takes place in the past, before many of the latest events taking place in Avengers, New Avengers and Secret Wars.  To get the Odinson out of his self-reflective mood, Sunspot arranges a little battle for him to take part in and it definitely manages to up his spirits.  More interestingly it is Namor who really shines in this book as he has had enough of the death and destruction that the Cabal have rained down upon everyone and he means to stop it, if only for one single world. Frank Barbiere has been outdoing himself on this book and with this last chapter; we finally get to see Namor redeem himself, at least a little bit anyways.  There is probably very little that will ever wash all the blood off of his hands, but the man did what he thought he had to do to help the Earth survive and when all is said and done, there is not very much in his life that Namor regrets doing.  As such, a battle takes place between Namor and Thanos and it is not much of a contest as Thanos has immense power at his disposal which he then uses against the sea-king.  Still, it was great to see Namor think he could at least try and best the Mad Titan and it is that arrogance and that confidence that really makes you love Namor more than anything else.  Marco Checchetto kills it once again on the artistic front with his pencils looking better than ever.  If there is more than one Avengers title coming out the other side of Secret Wars, this man was born to draw it.  As for the title itself, it started out as one thing and then finished its run as something else, but throughout it all, it told quality stories both fun and exciting with this issue being no exception.

4.5 out of 5

Convergence #7
Convergence #7

Writer – Tom King, Scott Lobdell
Artist – Aaron Lopresti
Inker – Mark Morales
Colours – Peter Steigerwald

The book opens with a character called the Great Oracle floating near the planet Telos that is making its way into the New 52 Universe.  Said character looks like Adam Warlock’s cocoon except being all white with a head and arms and is able to talk.  Assumedly the Great Oracle is something like The Watcher as he is just floating around and watching stuff and so it is that he is watching what is happening on Telos.  He does have reason to watch too as the heroes and villains from various worlds are fighting for their lives either for or against Deimos and as one of them falls, they only serve to make Deimos that much stronger.  Eventually everyone seems to realize it and they cease their quarrels while Parallax Hal Jordan takes care of business much to the joy of the Great Oracle.  Things have been going good in this book with Tom King and Scott Lobdell at the helm, but this issue took a tiny step back as it felt overly rushed, as if they were trying to get to a point and had to do it as fast as possible.  The scenes involving the New 52 heroes were alright, though even up to this point, they serve little purpose as these heroes are not doing anything except watching what is going on.  The battle scenes on Telos were short except for that which took place between Telos the man and Deimos and while that in itself was good, it just felt like something was missing.  By the end of the issue, King and Lobdell set the book up for its big finale and hopefully it will be an improvement over this issue.

3 out of 5

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