Mind Capsules – Captain America & the Mighty Avengers #8 and Silk #4

Captain America & the Mighty Avengers #8
Captain America & the Mighty Avengers #8

Writer – Al Ewing
Artist – Luke Ross
Colours – Rachelle Rosenberg

With Secret Wars looming over the Marvel Universe, this book plays catch-up with the rest of the Avengers titles as the last seven issues dealt with the team’s own missions. So it is that the book finds Steve Rogers explaining to the team what went on with the Illuminati, how and why the world is ending, it then sees the Mighty Avengers join up with Steve’s team and face off against the Illuminati and Sunspot’s Avengers and finally Monica along with the Blue Marvel have a conversation with Reed Richards and the Black Panther. Where this series and the last saw Al Ewing have a lot of fun with the team, this issue was all business as our heroes prepared for the end of the world. Some of these moments, specifically the big battle, we have seen before in the other Avengers books though not from this particular point of view. Even amongst everything that was going on it was great to see White Tiger get a moment to shine in the spotlight with a little bit of characterization, expanding upon her history even now right before the title’s end. For those in the know and actually read this book, Ewing has filled the team with some real heavy-hitters. Mighty Avengers might be the comedy-relief team but when push comes to shove, they are just as powerful as the those who make up the main roster and when Blue Marvel and Monica have a chat with Reed and T’Challa, they make it known that they were letting the Illuminati off easy. The two also inform Reed and the Panther that they had no right to do what they did without informing the rest of the human race and there is no small amount of indignance on the Mighty Avenger’s part when they do so. As with the rest of Marvel’s titles, it is unknown what will happen to the team when and if they come out on the other side of Secret Wars, but it is hopeful they do with Ewing and Luke Ross still on board.

4 out of 5

Silk #4
Silk #4

Writer – Robbie Thompson
Artist – Annapaola Martello
Colours – Ian Herring

Silk has been having a little bit of trouble with her Spider-sense of late and with it being on the fritz; the Black Cat got the better of her last issue which was not a morale booster. Needing help, Cindy Moon decides to go and talk to Mr. Fantastic because if there is anyone that can tell her what is wrong, it is the smartest man in the world. According to Reed, it all comes down to anxiety, which she doubts, but who else would know better? With the usual great story and dialogue by Robbie Thompson, he is now joined by artist Annapaola Martello whose depiction of the Fantastic Four has been the strongest seen by any artist in quite some time. The visuals are absolutely stunning and if anyone was born to draw the First Family of Marvel Comics, it is Martello. The story is a fun one with a lot of great moments throughout those involving the FF, but more importantly, our heroine. Though Silk might be new to the modern world, she still likes to go out and party like everyone else but the real highlight of the book is her date with Johnny Storm which is very humourous and is probably like no date either of the two has ever had before. Out of all the new Spider-books that Marvel has released, Silk is probably the more unassuming one. Spider-Woman is all comedy and Spider-Gwen is closer to what Amazing Spider-Man used to be with the growing pains of a teenager having gone through loss and dealing with great power and responsibility. Silk is the balance between the two with the perfect blend of comedy and drama and it is a great read for both old and new readers to the Marvel Universe. It may be only four issues in, but it is not too late to catch up with the latest web-slinger to grace that which is called comicdom.

4 out of 5

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