Mind Capsules – Secret Wars #2 and Convergence #6

Secret Wars #2
Secret Wars #2

Writer – Jonathan Hickman
Artist – Esad Ribic
Colours – Ive Svorcina

In a story that could only be called God Emperor Doom, we are introduced to the new landscape of the Marvel Universe, one that was created by the last incursion and is now ruled by none other than Doom himself. Things might seem familiar at first, but everything is different and all who live in this world bow down to their master and god, Doom. All of Jonathan Hickman’s plans for the Marvel Universe have finally come to fruition and with this issue, this new world is very interesting indeed. Instead of just having Thor appear in the book, there is now an entire corps with many different versions of the man who police this new world. Doom himself uses Yggdrasil, the World Tree as his throne with his wife, Susan Richards by his side. Doctor Strange is now the sheriff and the law of this world while opposite him stands Valeria as the head of the Foundation that is charged with overseeing the sciences and religion. The world, also referred to as Battleworld by those that live within it, is segregated into many kingdoms all of which are ruled by Barons and all of which serve at the whim of Doom. What is really quite captivating is the way that Hickman has set up this new world and its feudal system to be ruled by the one man who might actually be the best for the job. It is also very intriguing to learn that even though Doom is all-knowing and all-seeing and assumedly a fair ruler, there are pockets of insurrection within his kingdom. The saying ‘you cannot please all of the people all of the time’ is probably quite apt in this situation. The artwork by Esad Ribic is again, as gorgeous as ever and the best that he has ever produced making this book a true thing of beauty while Hickman’s writing is as polished and as clever as any of his best work. Though this world is not to last, you cannot help but want to explore it all. What has been seen so far is incredibly engrossing and though it has only appeared in one issue so far, it stands up there with all of the best alternate reality stories Marvel has ever put out through the years. The best bit of all though in the entire issue is the arrival of the Cabal who have survived the immersion intact with all of the knowledge of the their previous universes and you know right away that they will not be content to just sit and watch life pass them by. Truly fun stuff by all involved that keeps you hooked upon every word and every image and leaves you wanting more once all is said and done.

5 out of 5

Convergence #6
Convergence #6

Writer – Tom King, Scott Lobdell
Artist – Ed Benes, Eduardo Pansica
Inker – Ed Benes, Trevor Scott, Scott Hanna, Wayne Faucher
Colours – Peter Steigerwald

With Deimos now in control of the game, the stolen cities must now either follow him willingly or perish without his so-called protection. While the man is making his demands, the Earth 2 heroes are still battling various villains and soon start finding other heroes to join their ranks like the Teen Titans, Batgirl and another Superman and Flash too. And with our heroes busy, Grayson has a mission of his own which is to go and find Telos with the hope that he will join the fight. Of course, while all of the heroes gather together in hoping to make a stand against Deimos, the man himself is not one to just sit around waiting and has also amassed a small army to battle on his behalf, one that is bigger and stronger than that belonging to the one that confronts him now. Tom King with an assist from Scott Lobdell continues to keep the action flowing without very little rest. It is great to see some other heroes from the other cities and realities finally make an appearance in the book and to take an active part. What is a little more interesting though is that in the New 52 universe, or whatever designation it has at the moment, also has a part in the story as Telos (the planet), is starting to phase into its reality. Superman, Supergirl, some Red Lanterns and others are off to investigate and if they should enter the fray, it should make things pretty exciting though if they do not, what role they are going to play in this series is unknown. As it is, the sixth issue of Convergence was good and next issue looks to be even more so.

3.5 out of 5

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