Issue by Issue – The Warlord #79


Writer – Cary Burkett
Artist – Pat Broderick
Inker – Rick Magyar
Colours – Carl Gafford
Letters – David Cody Weiss

Travis Morgan, Krystovar and Shakira are being shunted through time and there is nothing that they can do to stop it. Along the way they meet the man who is responsible for it all and he tells them of his experiments during World War II which ended up with him being unprepared for the side effects that would take place, side effects that now involved Morgan and his friends. Cary Burkett delivers a very fun story that sees our hero involved in something that he only briefly experienced before when he was sent into the far future. That was a like a joyride in the park compared to what is happening now and while this man named Reno might be able to help them, it remains to be seen if he can get our heroes back to their original time or not. While Burkett’s run on the Warlord might have been a little shaky at first, delivering tales that were both good and bad and oftentimes somewhere in-between, the man has found his footing and has been delivering some good stories that has taken our hero and his friends out of their comfort zone and offered them some real challenges. This story might not be to everyone’s taste but it does play up the science-fiction aspects of the book more and lessens those that predominantly gear towards the sword and sorcery part. There are a few scenes that show Tara getting frustrated with her inability to do anything for the man she loves and there is even a quick appearance from Morgan’s daughter Jennifer who realizes there is something strange going on in Skartaris. All in all, a very fun issue that leaves things up in the air for every member of our cast which is always the best way to end things in this book so it keeps you coming back for more.

3.5 out of 5

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