Monday Mixin’s – Indie/Indie-Pop Compilation – May 2015

alexrainbirdMusic has released another fantastic Indie compilation with tracks by some truly wonderful artists that again, you may or may not have heard of. This is one playlist that you will be listening to all week long.

0:00 Ellenberg — Cities Between Us
3:21 The Score — ‘Oh My Love’…
6:57 Bowery Boys — ‘Heavy Hearts’
10:39 Matt Woods — ‘In The Dark’…
14:18 Lyel — ‘Waterproof’
17:56 KYKO — ‘Animals’
21:38 Caitlin Park — ‘Wake Up In A Whirr’…
24:43 The Electric Sons — ‘Islands ’
28:32 Ender & Valentine — ‘Screens’…
31:38 LILY — ‘Give You The Night’…
35:06 The Derevolutions — ‘Yell It Out’…
38:41 Bowery Boys — ‘Bad Dreams’
42:14 Champagne — ‘Fright Night’
48:06 Moonbabies — ‘The Ocean Kill’

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