Monday Mixin’s – La Belle Mixtape: The Wild Life by Gamper & Dadoni

This week’s unparalleled mix is from La Bell Mixtape, specifically engineered and constructed by Gamper & Dadoni.  Fun and relaxing and on the whole, a great mixtape.

1) Emil Berliner – Feel Good
2) Sebastien feat Hagedorn – High On You
3) Röyskopp – I Had This Thing (Sebastien Remix)
4) Oh Wonder – All We Do (Achtabahn Remix)
5) Little May – Boardwalks (Sonny Alven Remix)
6) Cajsa Siik – Higher (Lakechild Remix)
7) Francesco Rossi – Godspeed You (Charming Horses Remix)
8) Alex Schulz – Ways
9) Sound Remedy – We Are The Dream (Urban Contact Remix)
10) Mandeh & Velvet – Give Me
11) Ben-E & Falki feat. Leslie – Help Myself

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