Mind Capsules – Guardians of the Galaxy #26 and Kaptara #1

Guardians of the Galaxy #26
Guardians of the Galaxy #26

Writer – Brian Michael Bendis
Artist – Valerio Schiti
Colours – Jason Keith

Spartax has been restored to its former glory after the events of The Black Vortex and now the only thing missing is its newly elected leader, Peter Quill.  Brian Michael Bendis provides a fun follow-up to the recent events that have rocked the Marvel Universe and he also starts to tie up some of the loose threads from his run before Secret Wars hits.  So while Peter might be the leader of his father’s home world, he does not want to be so and in fact, he never even ran against those who truly wanted the job.  Instead, he was elected and raised to the office of the president without his knowledge and while it might be kind of cool, he could not care any less.  Kitty of course does not really believe him as it is a little far-fetched to think that nobody could know that they were not running in a race to be the leader of an entire planet.  But such as it is, a few hijinks ensue as Peter and the Guardians head back to Spartax and a case is made for him actually becoming their leader.  What is funny to see in this book is that it actually makes a little sense for Peter to do so.  With the resources at his command, he could actually save a lot more people than he and his team currently do and he would not have to resort to stealing anymore either as he would have the fortune of an empire at the tips of his fingers.  Another question that is asked, though not verbally of course, is what will happen between Kitty and Peter now.  The recent developments in their relationship could possibly be put in jeopardy now that he might have to stay on Spartax, not to mention the fates of the rest of his team.  Sure, he could pardon everybody and they could all remain on planet, but it does not really seem possible considering all of their personalities.  This was definitely a much better issue than what has been seen of late and the possibilities going forward with the continuation of this storyline can only be a lot of fun.

3.5 out of 5

Kaptara #1
Kaptara #1

Writer – Chip Zdarsky
Artist – Kagan McLeod
Colours – Becka Kinzie

Fresh from Image Comics is a new science-fiction comedy from Chip Zdarsky and Kagan McLeod and it is a refreshing break from all the serious books that the publisher releases.  There are other light-hearted books available, but this one sets itself away from the pack with a hero who is a coward and someone who so far, is not very likeable or at least until you get to know the guy underneath the hostile outer shell.  Keith is young, gay and a little introverted and as such, had a hard time growing up.  So when he got the chance to accept a spot on a mission into space – he took it.  But things are not as easy out among the stars either, especially after the ship runs into some trouble and everybody is forced to abandon it.  Landing on a strange, alien planet, Keith meets up with the captain, but after he is killed it looks as if things are going to go from bad to worse.  Lucky for Keith, they do not.  Zdarsky seems to be having fun writing this book and as such, you have fun with it too.  There is a lot of comedy in it and there are some really good moments where it is impossible not to snicker or at least have a giggle or two.  For his part, McLeod brings it all to life and the book not only looks good, he makes the comedy really sing and he proves to be an integral part of the book’s success.  As a brand new title, things can go any which way after this point and it looks like it will be incredibly enjoyable to find out where.

4 out of 5

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