Mind Capsules – Avengers World #20 and Convergence #3

Avengers World #20
Avengers World #20

Writer – Frank Barbiere
Artist – Marco Checchetto
Colours – Andres Mossa

The latest issue of Avengers World is a story of Shang-Chi who has gone to Kobe, Japan to investigate the bomb site perpetrated by Ex Nihilo.  We have already seen Shang-Chi use his new powers of replication; this is the story of how he got them.  Frank Barbiere continues to explore the time between the past which has already been chronicled and the future which Jonathan Hickman is currently writing, and it is good.  Shang-Chi takes a journey into himself, one of self-reflection and one that will either deem him worthy, or not.  The man has always been one of peace though he has never shied away from a fight and he is not one to think things through rashly and so it is that as his trial progresses, he comes to know the answer to the question that is queried of him.  It is a sequence of events that is quite reflective of the man and is made quite beautiful due to Marco Checchetto’s amazing pencils.  Once again the man outdoes himself and the book looks absolutely spectacular.  Barbiere also gives us a little insight into Namor’s character as he has been feeling a little guilty of late after having killed hundreds of worlds.  He sees the dead in his dreams and it is starting to bother him.  He knows what he did was right at the time in order to save his world, but now he wonders to himself if what he has done will not haunt him forever.  Black Swan sees it in him, sees his weakness because with the upcoming events, he needs to be strong and she no longer thinks that he has what it takes to be so.  Finally the book ends with more on Sunspot as he is finally ready to put his plan into motion and after seeing how everything has eventually turned out, it is good to see the beginning of it and how it all came to be.  Though the cast may be sparse and the outcomes already known for the most part, Avengers World with its great writing and art continues to be a must-read each and every issue.

4 out of 5

Convergence #3
Convergence #3

Writer – Jeff King
Artist – Stephen Segovia
Inker – Jason Paz
Colours – Aspen MLT’s Jason Starr, Peter Steigerwald

Deimos, the villain from the world of Skartaris and nemesis of the Warlord, Travis Morgan, made his debut last issue and while it was hopeful the latter would also appear, though such is not the case.  As it is, Deimos thinks he knows something that can be used against Telos which is deep within the Earth.  Our heroes, not really knowing anyone else decide to trust the man for now and so he leads them down while Batman and Grayson stay behind to watch their backs.  This third book, technically the fourth, continues the action started last issue and there is quite a bit of it as Batman and Grayson face off against the villains of the Gotham city they just left.  Though Grayson and Batman are no slouches, Thomas is all out of Miraclo which is not a good thing.  The book also takes a look at the bottled city of Kandor, no longer bottled and how out of everybody, they have refused to take part in the ongoing battles.  The stance they take angers Telos and so they face his very fatal reprisal because of it.  The book also manages to introduce Degaton as many will remember from old Justice League, Justice Society and All-Star Squadron issues, Monarch and Shakira who some may also recognize from the world of the Warlord as the changeling who can transform from woman to cat.  The book is definitely becoming a lot more interesting with the addition of the new cast members as well as taking them beneath the surface to Skartaris which was a little unexpected but surprisingly welcome.  If Jeff King keeps introducing gems such as these, the book is going to become a lot more exciting.  The story has been getting better and better as it goes along which is a good thing and King is upping the stakes for our heroes by putting more than one obstacle in their path.  It is testing them to their limits and as a reader, you would not have it any other way.

3.5 out of 5

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