Issue by Issue – The Warlord #75

Warlord_Vol_1_75Writer – Cary Burkett
Artist – Dan Jurgens
Inker – Bob Smith
Colours – Carl Gafford
Letters – Ben Oda

After finally coming home, Travis Morgan is spending some time with the woman he loves more than anything else, Tara.  Tara is torn though, on whether to allow Travis to stay or to send him on his way because as everyone knows, he is simply too unreliable and sooner or later, he will end up leaving again for some adventure or other.  But as fate would have it, that decision is rendered moot as the New Atlanteans have found their way to Shamballah, with a little help from an evil witch, and they soon manage to overrun the kingdom and send Travis, Tara and at least some of their people running for their lives.  For now, they live to fight another day, and Travis swears that they will do so.  Following a fairly terrible issue, Cary Burkett redeems himself with a tale of love, adventure, mystery and revenge.  The New Atlanteans, who made themselves known in the second Warlord annual are back and they seek vengeance upon the men who did them wrong, specifically Travis Morgan, and they will do anything to exact it.  It is great to see some new foes for our hero, especially ones that are so formidable and not only that, strong enough to overtake all of Shamballah and make Tara an exiled queen.  She of course has not been having the best of times, first dealing with her feelings over her estranged lover, torn between her love and duty and now with the invading force who have only really done so because of Travis.  There is also the mystery of the item he recovered with the U.S. Air Force insignia upon it.  He knows that it is from ancient Atlantis, or at least he thinks so, but why it has that logo upon it and what it has to do with either new or old Atlantis is a mystery that may have to wait while he deals with the invaders to the kingdom.  There also remains the problem of Graemore, the other man who is desperately in love with Tara.  Did he fall in the invasion, or will he live to see another day and continue to be a thorn in Morgan’s side?  Time will tell, but so far this new story-arc is exciting and will hopefully keep that level up in the chapters to come.

3.5 out of 5

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