Bargain Bin – Super Friends, Natural Born Killers, Katherine Hepburn and More!

Picked up some great DVDs today for $2.99 apiece and of course, when they are that price, who can resist.  You can find all of these at a store called The Bargain Shop, if there is one near you.  More than likely you could probably also find them at a Wal-Mart, a K-Mart or another type of Mart although they might be a couple bucks more.

First up Super Friends! Volume 6 Legacy of Super Powers.  Pretty self-explanatory and features some of the best cartoons every made – for the time that is.  Simply put, a lot of fun.


Grabbed a few classics as well, two with Katherine Hepburn and a little Jane Austin with the especially wonderful Greer Garson.

Natural Born Killers is one of Oliver Stones very best and one a movie everyone who is a fan of movies should see.

This is one of DC’s better animated films and a steal for a few bucks.

That’s it for this go round, but there is sure to be more, because there is always more, at some future date.

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