Issue by Issue – All-Star Squadron #40

All-Star_Squadron_Vol_1_40Writer – Roy Thomas
Penciler – Richard Howell
Inker – Bill Collins
Colours – Gene D’Angelo
Letterer – David Cody Weiss

The conclusion to the All-Star Squadron’s excursion to Detroit arrives and the tale is just as action-packed as ever.  Joining the team is Hawkman and Green Lantern, though their arrival does not seem to help matters very much.  The battles with the Real American do not go very well as he has some strange power that is able to influence those around him and sway them to his side.  It is a dangerous thing he does and no matter how, the team must find a way to defeat him or watch all of Detroit burn from the flames of racism.  Roy Thomas wraps this story up nice and neat, or at least as much as he could as the subject is not an easy one and a group of heroes, no matter how powerful they might be, cannot change what men will think and they will think what they want and there is no changing that.  So our heroes try their best for what else is there to do and while some fall under the sway of the Real American, there are a couple who do not, being Green Lantern and Robotman, and because of that, in the end they are able to prevail.  In a battle such as this though, there are no winners but out of it all, the Squadron does gain a new member in the form of Amazing Man who will join the team so that there might be a more visible face for those minorities to look up to and see that anything is possible.  This was a good finale to a tale that did not manage to overstay its welcome like a few of the recent arcs, but now on to the next one.

3.5 out of 5

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