Mind Capsules – Guardians 3000 #7 and The Four Points #1

Guardians 3000 #7
Guardians 3000 #7

Writer – Dan Abnett
Artist – Nico Leon
Colours – Edgar Delgato, Sotocolor

Depending on how you look at it, the original Guardians of the Galaxy team up with their modern day counterparts after having traveled to the past to find out why time is broken.  Upon arriving though, A-Sentience has gone berserk thinking that the Guardians are a threat to humanity and therefore must be stopped.  So what else is there to do but blast away at everything until the problem solves itself or come up with a solution that does not cause so much destruction?  To their credit, the collective Guardians do both.  With the arrival of the second half of the team including Major Victory, Martinex, Starhawk and Nikki, Dan Abnett and Nico Leon really kick things into high gear with a lot of frantic action against a foe that is essentially unstoppable as long as there is spare material nearby from which to form new A-Sentience models.  But A-Sentience is not really a villain though, merely a being programmed to look after humanity from all threats, whatever they may be.  Of course, with so many Guardians, it is only a matter of time before they come up with a plan, which they do, implement it, which they also do and then discover just who the real culprit behind everything is.  To say that it is a blast from the past is true, but it is also a foe that the Guardians have faced before in their last series from the 1990s.  Abnett continues to bring the humour as well, weaving it into the action of the book faultlessly and it makes a good time even better.  It is good to see Nikki back on the team as she was missed during those first few issue of the book, though the new Nova that we were introduced to and who was quite interesting in her own right and did not make the jump, is in turn now missed.  This book is everything that the current Guardians of the Galaxy should be and it is great to see Abnett writing these characters once again.  It is too bad that it is not on an ongoing basis.  Suffice it to say, with the great writing it sports and the very dynamic artwork by Nico Leon, Guardians 3000 is an easy buy every month.

4 out of 5

The Four Points #1
The Four Points #1

Writer – Scott Lobdell
Artist – Jordan Gunderson
Inker – John Ercek, Mark Roslan
Colours – Valentina Pinto

The Four Points starts out as the story of Gia Sorentino, a girl who has been locked up for many years and pumped full of drugs to keep her delusions under control.  But they are not delusions and her claims of being the first daughter of the Earth are true.  So it is that she is released, learns things about her parents and how they were preparing a facility called the Point to catalogue and investigate the strange things in the world.  Gia then seeks out others who are just like her, women who represent the other three elements including fire, air and water.  Usually a new Aspen series is something one can look forward to, knowing that it will most likely be pretty good.  This one was just good and could have been a lot better than it was.  The main problem was that it all felt like a cut and paste job with many scenes missing from the book.  The transitions between bits of story was awkward and often abrupt with no explanation for certain things and there were times when it just felt like the bit of plot that was being talked about did not matter and was then just summarily dropped or forgotten about.  The overall story was apparant when reading the issue and it did make sense, but there was little flow to the book and it just killed whatever momentum it seemed to pick up.  Scott Lobdell is usually a solid writer and his work on previous Aspen books has been good, but here it could have been tightened up a little.  The artwork by Jordan Gunderson is really well done and the issue is left with the reveal of the fourth point that represents water, which any Aspen fan can easily guess as to who it is.  Stronger writing and stronger editing will make this book much better going forward, so let us hope the second issue is an improvement.

3 out of 5

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