Mind Capsules – Hulk #14 and Star Trek/Planet of the Apes: The Primate Directive #5

Hulk #14
Hulk #14

Writer – Gerry Duggan
Artist – Mark Bagley
Inker – Drew Hennessy
Colours – Jason Keith

This issue sees Hulk versus Hulk as Doc Green goes up against the Red Hulk courtesy of Gerry Duggan and Mark Bagley.  The only problem with all of this being that there is literally nothing else to the issue.  You can read it in about two minutes and while it is great to see so much action and the two Hulk’s going all berserk on each other, a little more meat on the bones would have been appreciated.  As it is the fight is fast and furious, with blows being exchanged and neither one really gaining the upper hand.  Deadpool, who has been conscripted by Doc Green to disable the Red Hulk’s radiation absorbing powers, does just that but then is soon taken out of the game by some falling boulders and a ravenous pack of coyotes.  In the end, it does not seem to help Doc Green’s case as the Red Hulk is just a little bit stronger.  Whether Doc Green factored that in as part of his plan or not remains to be seen, but we are sure to find out.  As the fight goes on, there is some good banter between the two about where fault lies and as well as terse words about Betty and all it does is elevate the madness between them.  It is not too long though that Red Hulk finally gets the upper hand and it leaves the book on an ending that was a little unforeseeable given recent events.  With Secret Wars almost upon us, there is little hope of seeing where this title would have headed after this story wrapped up, but even should Doc Green cure all of these Hulks, there is nothing to say that what he does will stick coming out on the other side of it.  As it is, this issue was a lot of fun but it was just too quick of a read.

3.5 out of 5

Star Trek Planet of the Apes #5
Star Trek/Planet of the Apes: The Primate Directive #5

Writer – Scott Tipton, David Tipton
Artist – Rachael Stott
Colours – Charlie Kirchoff

The finale of this crossover between two of science-fiction’s greatest creations as well as between two of the greatest comic book companies today concludes with this issue.  The hostilities between the Apes is settled, the Klingon’s stopped from causing distrust and unrest upon the planet and everything seemingly back to normal.  So it is that Colonel Taylor stays on the planet to live out his life and the crew of the Enterprise head off put a stop to Kor and the Klingons and get back to their universe while they are at it.  Catastrophe strikes the Earth though and at first the ending to this series is a little unbelievable because you have just spent all this time to get to this point and then ‘that’ happens.  But after thinking about it and reading it again because you can hardly believe that what you just saw has happened, it tends to make more sense and you find that the ending actually suits the book in more ways than one.  Paying homage to classic Trek as well as to the Apes universe, the ending of this book is actually quite perfect and for those that might say nay, read it again and think back to the movies of both franchises.  On the whole, the writing was strong and it really recalled the feel of both series which was really nice to see.  The one problem to be had, if there was any, was the fact that they wrapped things up just a bit too neatly and it would have been nice to see maybe just one more issue to flesh things out just a little bit more.  With great writing and some really good artwork from Rachael Stott, this series is one of the best crossovers from recent memory.

4 out of 5

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