Mind Capsules – Spider-Gwen #3 and Project Superpowers: Blackcross #2

Spider-Gwen #3
Spider-Gwen #3

Writer – Jason Latour
Artist – Robbi Rodriguez
Colours – Rico Renzi

Captain Stacy heads home and after arriving, finds that Gwen has made her way there as well.  Chiding her for wearing her costume as anyone could have seen her come in, she changes out of them just in time for the Vulture to appear and start beating on her dad, looking for information, coincidentally about her.  While that seems like a bad thing, and it is, Gwen makes one little decision which could ruin her life and those of the ones that she loves.  This book keeps roaring on at a mile a minute and it is all thanks to the creative talents who go by the names of Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez.  The terrible thing about what happens in this issue is that Gwen acts before thinking and it then leads to a chain of events that sees her not only facing the Vulture, but also the police and then Captain Frank Castle.  Going from one fight to the next and being gassed simultaneously makes Gwen sloppy during the fight and the unthinkable happens.  It is not an injury or anything along those lines, but it is serious enough that if Frank Castle should spread the word, then there is going to be more trouble than she has ever had.  If that is not the topper on the cake, the Kingpin also has a contract out on her.  So all in all, it is Gwen against a city and the most pertinent question that raises its head is just how she is going to handle it all by herself.  One of the better things in this series is the relationship between Gwen and her dad.  To say that it is complicated is maybe stating it a little simply and the two of them try their best to make it work, but their viewpoints are completely at odds with each other.  There may only three issues of this book so far, but it has a perfect blend of drama and excitement making it one of the most enjoyable books out today.

4 out of 5

Project Superpowers Blackcross #2
Project Superpowers: Blackcross #2

Writer – Warren Ellis
Artist – Colton Worley
Colours – Morgan Hickman

Somehow, somewhere, something went wrong with this second issue of the latest Project Superpowers.  Where first issue was an excellent start to a new series, this one literally seemed to fall apart it was so disjointed.  Warren Ellis’ work is usually pretty strong like on Moon Knight which was solid as well as his writing on Trees which was even more so, so how it went so wrong here is a little puzzling.  The focus of the book is all over the place.  When introduced, the premise of the book was about a serial killer and there is almost none of that story going on here except a mention of the guy on fire at the lake.  The last issue which looked as if this would be a story about the Black Terror coming into his own and possibly facing down the big bad at the end of the series, now you cannot even really guess what is going on here.  The transitions between plotlines are poor and it leaves you wondering what is going on and what happened to the stuff you were literally just reading about.  First you are reading about one thing, then another and then another and it leaves you wholly unsatisfied by the end of the book.  Colton Worley’s artwork is amazing as usual and the book looks beautiful, but this script by Warren Ellis who can usually do no wrong, did just that.  Unless you are a loyal Ellis fan or care a lot about these classic superheroes, this is actually a good jumping-off point which really hurts to say.

2 out of 5

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