Lacking Bite – Lady Dracula (1977)

If ever there was a title for a film that spelled a winning combination, it is this one.  Or at least you would think it would be.  On one hand you have Dracula, lord of all vampires and on the other the ferocity and tenacity, not to mention the beauty of the opposite sex.  With that in mind, it should be easy enough to come up with something that would deliver enough thrills and chills for any audience.  Sadly, this film did not do that, instead adding in a healthy dose of slapstick and buffoonery thinking that it would make for a good movie and sadly, they were mistaken.

lady draculaThere were some good things about the film, though nothing ever rose above that level.  The directing by Franz Josef Gottlieb was competent, but because the editing was a mess, it ruined whatever flow that Gottlieb might have been going for.  If you take out all the scenes that were considered comedy, the story and script by Brad Harris and Redis Read was all right too.  Like all things, comedy is subjective, but it is doubtful that anyone could find anything good about the so-called funny in this film.  The music could not be saved and was quite atrocious where at times it was a strange jazz-disco fusion complete with flutes.  When making a horror film, that is exactly the kind of music you do not want in your picture.  In fact, to have a successful horror movie, doing the opposite of everything they did in this one would be a good idea.

kraftStarring Evelyne Kraft as Lady Dracula, she looked great and had a modicum of talent, and luckily the practical effects were actually really good so that she was genuinely a little fearsome at times.  That is where it ended though as she tended to overact during parts of the film while during others, she barely seemed to act at all.  Her origin in the movie is a strange one as she is bitten by Dracula as a child, transformed and then buried for however many years only to be unearthed at a construction site.  Thing is, she is still a child and once revived, ages about ten years physically though mentally she must still be fairly young.  This point of fact lends to the only humourous moment of the film as the love interest, played by Brad Harris (who also wrote the script), keeps getting shut down whenever he tries to be passionate or amorous.

At the end of the day, there is nothing to really recommend seeing this aside from those who enjoy crappy examples of Euro horror.  Lady Dracula she might have been and she may have even sported some fangs, it is just too bad that this film could not have done the same.

2 out of 5

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  1. When I saw this I thought you were talking about this movie I reviewed once but then I realized it wasn’t LOL

    The one I was thinking of was Mama Dracula. Seen it?

    Nice post!!

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