Issue by Issue – The Warlord #70


Writer – Mike Grell, Sharon Wright
Artist – Dan Jurgens
Inker – Bob Smith
Colours – Adrienne Roy
Letters – John Costanza

After last issue’s cliff-hanger, the book picks right up and instead of a big brawl or a ton of action, things sort of resolve themselves peacefully, which was slightly disappointing.  As it is, Morgan and Shakira meet a couple of the local inhabitants who, after a little questioning, relate all they know about what happened to the world and how it stands right now.  It is an interesting tale that Mike Grell tells as our world currently seems to be heading down that path.  Last issue, Travis had thought that it was nuclear war that had done in the human race, but instead as we find out here, it was pollution, corporate greed and overpopulation that destroyed the Earth.  It is an issue that was very far ahead of its time in its predictions and it is funny to see just how on the spot Grell was all those years ago.  Of course, the human race has not been wiped out as of yet, nor are we near that brink, but we are on track and it is slightly disturbing to think about.  Morgan also manages to learn that he has become a legend in Skartaris in the years that he has been gone as well as learning that he is farther into the future than he thought he was.  The problem he faces now is should he even get back to Skartaris, other than being a land that has been completely changed, what does he hope to find there?  Would Jennifer still be alive or would there be other magic users that could possibly send him back?  Also, with his knowledge of the future, would he try to shore up the defenses of his adopted home to keep the surface world out or would he himself go back to the surface and attempt change there?  It is an issue that opens up a lot of possibilities for our hero as there are so many directions he can turn; he will have a lot of thinking to do on the subject.

3.5 out of 5

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