Mind Capsules – Hellbreak #1 and Superior Iron Man #6

Hellbreak #1
Hellbreak #1

Writer – Cullen Bunn
Artist – Brian Churilla
Colours – Dave Stewart

With Hellbreak, Cullen Bunn and Brian Churilla take a somewhat familiar concept – that of all the various hell dimensions co-existing like cities in a very large country – and putting a spin on it to make it a very exciting entry in Oni’s library of comics.  In this first tale we are introduced to the Kerberos Initiative, a group of people that work in part with the church to go into these various hell-cities and rescue those innocent souls that got lost down there for whatever reason.  With a perfect blend of action and horror, this new world is brought to life quite vividly and it is very intriguing to say the least.  The most perfect thing about this issue was the fact that it contained a full and complete done-in-one story so that should you want to stop reading the book, there would not be a problem in doing so and you would not be left hanging in the middle of a story-arc.    Even though this was a complete story, Bunn does plant the seeds for future stories, which any smart writer would do if they wished to continue on in their newly built world.  Not only does Bunn accomplish this effectively, but by doing so he opens up future possibilities as well as hooks the reader in so that they might come back for more.  After reading this book, there is no room for doubt that you want to experience the further adventures of Jenner and the Kerberos Initiative.  It is not simply for the action or the horror or how well it is put together, but because the concept and the questions that have arisen in this one solitary issue is one of the most intriguing things to be released this year so far.  Hellbreak is is a great book and is off to an exceedingly strong start from Bunn, Churilla and Oni.

4.5 out of 5

Superior Iron Man #6
Superior Iron Man #6

Writer – Tom Taylor
Artist – Laura Braga
Colours – Guru-eFX

Tony Stark foresees a little problem that may hinder him in the near future and to ensure that it never comes to pass, possibly, he decides to purchase a media conglomerate so that he can at least spin things his way.  There was only one thing he never foresaw – Pepper Potts.  For those that thought that Tony could not go any lower, there are always further depths – to which some would say endless – that Tony could plunge into and all of it courtesy of Tom Taylor.  Tony has truly become a fairly despicable human being, and yet in his own inestimable way, he still manages to pour on the charm.  For those in the know, it is but a facade to hide his true motivations and as to what those might be are unknown but to the man himself, though it would not be surprising if it was all encompassing global domination.  The purchasing of a media giant is a smart move on Tony’s part and it is actually quite amazing when you think on the matter and wonder why he never did so years ago.  The funniest and most exciting part of the book was the arrival of Pepper and her hostile takeover of Tony’s hostile takeover.  It almost left Tony speechless, which rarely happens and it finally gave readers some insight into what Pepper has been doing all this time.  Another revelation that is finally made known is the identity of the other Iron Man who has been working with Pepper.  It was a bit of a surprise, yet was not simultaneously given Tony’s history.  With everything that is on Tony’s plate, how he deals with Iron Man, not to mention his new competitor Pepper, may just be a little too much.  Knowing Tony though, he is going to have his wheels turning and soon enough, you know he will be putting them into motion.

4 out of 5

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