Mind Capsules – Amazing Spider-Man #16 and The New 52 Futures End #45

Amazing Spider-Man #16
Amazing Spider-Man #16

Writer – Dan Slott, Christos Gage
Artist – Humberto Ramos
Inker – Victor Olazaba
Colours – Edgar Delgado

Spidey is back and things are pretty much back to normal.  His Aunt May is wondering where he is and why he has not been in touch, his company is wondering where he is and why he is not at work and he finds himself answering these questions while he is in the middle of a fight with the Iguana, a villain who proves he is not even worth Spidey’s full time.  It is good to see that even after all this time; some things in Spider-Man’s world never change.  Peter has the same problems now as he did when he first became a costumed hero, the only difference being that he now works for himself rather than working for someone else.  Luckily he does not have the quandary of being involved with a woman otherwise that would make things that much harder, although Aunt May still thinks he is dating Anna Maria which brings with it another whole set of problems.  Dan Slott and Christos Gage, our esteemed writers, introduce a new plot thread which should generate a little trouble for our hero going forward.  It seems Alchemax wants to bid on the same work that Peter does and though it in itself is not so troubling, it is the fact that Tyler Stone wants to guarantee that he gets the job by hiring a villain to make sure that Peter does not get in the way of that.  This also leads us to a new backup tale featuring the Black Cat.  Even though she is rising up in the criminal underworld, she is still not satisfied with the way that things have been turning out and she aims to get all that is deserved of her.  With things back to the status quo, or at least as much as they ever are in Peter’s world, Humberto Ramos also returns as penciller of the book and his work looks better than ever.  If there was one man born to draw this book, it is Ramos and his highly dynamic pencils.  After Spider-Verse, it was hard to say if this book could slide back to what it was and be just as fun, but it has done so and accomplished it quite wonderfully.

4 out of 5

The New 52 Futures End #45
The New 52 Futures End #45

Writer – Brian Azzarello, Jeff Lemire, Dan Jurgens, Keith Giffen
Artist – Stephen Thompson, Jack Herbert
Inker – Stephen Thompson, Vicente Cifuentes
Colours – Hi-Fi

In the aftermath of the battle with Brainiac there is a lot to clean up and thankfully Superman is going to stick around and deal with some of it.  But the threat that faces the world is not over as Batman Beyond and the rest of the crew must now deal with a Brother Eye that has been unleashed.  This book also deals with the final fate of Frankenstein’s monster who has decided to relate his story to Amethyst as well as bringing Faraday and Voodoo back into the picture.  While one door closes, the rest still remain open and it is good to see Brian Azzarello and company start to deal with them.  One of the bigger questions that remains is what exactly is Faraday up to?  He has been in the book a long time and has been the conductor of many a thing, but where does he go from here?  Also, what about Voodoo and the rest of her team who now seem to be against her?  It is great to see Shazam still being Shazam now that Superman is back and to see Firestorm more accepting of her current situation, though with Doctor Polaris disappearing, does that mean she will now have to go on without being able to separate from Jason Rusch?  Questions aplenty may remain but it is nice to see the book with some purpose.  Of course the best part of the entire issue was with our time-lost hero, Terry McGinnis, the future Batman standing up to the menace of Brother Eye and declaring himself Eye’s assassin.  It was a great bit of characterization and really showed that there is another side to the man than what we are usually shown.  Next issue should be a good one!

3.5 out of 5

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