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Blah! – Fire Maidens of Outer Space (1956)

Here is a film that is a more turgid example of science-fiction.  Even though it only runs a little over an hour, that time lasts forever.  It just goes on and on and on and on.  The entire opening sequence as well as the entire trip to the thirteenth moon of Jupiter should have been left out of the movie as it was some of the most boring film ever put to stock.  Even had that happened, there is really very little to recommend the rest of it should you manage to sit through it.

fire maidens of outer space4To start, and aside from Susan Shaw, the acting is very amateurish and you can see better actors who literally came off the street in films like The Hideous Sun Demon or anything by Roger Corman.  Speaking of Mr. Corman, the effects of this film are pretty much on par with anything that he ever did during the fifties or the sixties.  The monster was generic and looked like a guy in a mask, which coincidentally is exactly what he was.  The costumes were bad, the sets terrible and why is it that whenever people in science-fiction movies go to another planet it always looks like Earth?  Sure they have a budget, but you can get around that by being creative.

fire maidens of outer space10As for the story – it is all right.  It is not great by any means, but it holds kernels of interest as it involves the lost peoples of Atlantis.  If you were not able to guess as of yet, those lost people from the sunken city of Atlantis are now living on that very moon of Jupiter they happened to land upon.  Whether by rocket or magic or whatever, somehow those people made it out and instead of just going to another continent upon the Earth, they needed to get right off of the planet and as far away as possible.  Written, directed and produced by Cy Roth, the film is a perfect example of what not to do.  Roth had the seeds, he simply failed to water them enough and what blossomed was this picture.  Even the dancing Atlantean girls were boring.

The only good things about this film are the posters for it.  Look at them and skip the movie.

1 out of 5

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