Issue by Issue – All-Star Squadron #37

All-Star_Squadron_Vol_1_37Writer – Roy Thomas
Penciler – Arvell Jones
Inker – Richard Howell
Colours – Gene D’Angelo
Letterer – Tom Orzechowski, Lois Buhalis

Captain Marvel is working for the enemy though it is through no fault of his own as Hitler possesses the Spear of Destiny which sways all magical beings to his side.  As Mary Batson and Freddie Freeman eventually sort out their problems with the Squadron, and not until they go a couple of rounds with them, they along with a select team head into Berlin to rescue the good Captain, or at least find out just what it is that they can do to stop him.  This was a fun issue by Roy Thomas, Arvell Jones and Richard Howell and it wraps up the story-arc nice and neat with the good guys winning in the end – like there was any other outcome.  Getting there was the hard part though, at least for our heroes as they not only have to face the German forces, but also Captain Marvel himself and soon, Captain Marvel Jr. and Mary Marvel as their costumed identities get split off from their human personas by German science.  So now it is three incredibly super-powered beings versus a stripped down All-Star Squadron, but thankfully, they make it out of the country with Billy, Mary and Freddie and as Captain Marvel and company follow them, they find themselves outside of the Spear’s influence.  One of the more interesting things to note is that Captain Marvel and his companions are not actually from this particular Earth, only existing as comic book characters which is a neat little bit of meta on Thomas’ part.  Another moment in the book which was fairly intriguing was the mention of Japan having control of the Grail, an object akin to the Spear of Destiny which also prevents super-powered beings from attacking the country.  So far, Thomas and company have not dealt with that as of yet, though it would be great if he did.  It would also have been nice to see Captain Marvel join the team permanently, but as it is, the story was a good one and the book needs more of these shorter tales instead of the long multi-part epics, though really, anything with the All-Star Squadron is enjoyable.

4 out of 5

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  1. I never knew how big of a history Hitler had in the Marvel universe until rather recently when I read that Human Torch burned him alive.

    That tidbit about some of the characters only existing in comic-form is super cool! Creative!


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