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The Kids Will Save Us! – The Space Children (1958)

There are a lot of times when you watch a science-fiction or horror movie that features kids and you wonder if you are going to have nightmares about it later.  Thankfully this film is not one of those, and if anything it is more like a Children of the Damned-lite than a Children of the Corn type of movie.  This film finds a group of children encounter a brain-like looking alien in a cave on the beach.  It is not by chance either as it has called them there and the reason for such is an altruistic one.  Coming to Earth, the alien is here to put a stop to mankind from launching a deadly satellite/missile program that will only cause a whole lot of trouble if it is successful.  So with the help of said children, the alien exerts its influence and causes a few problems along the way to accomplishing its goal.

space children2 Legendary science-fiction director Jack Arnold, by this time in his career having built up an impressive resume, decided to direct this film, The Space Children.  It is not necessarily a step down, but when stacked up against all of his other pictures including Creature From the Black Lagoon and Tarantula, the film pales in comparison.  On its own though, the movie is fairly enjoyable, if merely space children1a light, little piece of fluff.  But fluff or not, it manages to hold your interest and as the movie motors along you find yourself wondering what the alien brain is going to do should it not achieve what it has set out to accomplish.  Will it destroy mankind completely or will it just mind control everyone into walking into the ocean or even perhaps raise an super-army of children?  Hard to say what would have happened as you eventually realize that it never went down that road, but it might have made a better picture if it had.  Surprisingly the kids were not all that annoying as is usually the case with movies where they happen to be front and center, nor as scary as previously stated and as such, they were actually fun to watch.  For those who might be eagle-eyed they will notice that the main little girl is Sandy Descher who had previously starred in Them!.

When it comes right down to it, The Space Children is a decent way to while away the time.  It features some good special effects, a solid little script and is actually suspenseful at times.  As far as science-fiction films go, this is one the entire family can sit down to enjoy.

3 out of 5

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  1. OMG Gotta track this down and re-watch it. Been a long time. Great review! This was a fun read. I had forgotten that J. Arnold directed this, too. Thanks!

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