Mind Capsules – Aquaman #39 and Graveyard Shift #3

Aquaman #39
Aquaman #39

Writer – Jeff Parker
Artist – Paul Pelletier
Inker – Sandra Hope, Wayne Faucher
Colours – Peter Pantazis

Arthur has finally found his mom, the lost queen of Atlantis, Atlanna, and though he is happy to see her, the family reunion is not going at all like he had hoped.  Atlanna it seems thinks he is an invading force from Atlantis, having tracked her down after all these years and she is not so eager to give up her freedom or her new home, not knowing that Arthur is her son.  So just like all first meetings that take place in the four-colour world, a fight breaks out due to mistrust on both sides of the fence.  The latest chapter of Maelstrom is jam-packed full of action thanks to Jeff Parker and Paul Pelletier and there is so much, the book is finished before you know it.  Sometimes it can be a blessing and a curse having a book that is so tightly-plotted and quickly-paced.  For one, it makes things quite exciting and secondly, while it might be enjoyable, you end up being a little disappointed that it is over.  That is the feeling you get when reading this title as of late as each chapter has been better than the last.  Parker and Pelletier have made this title one to look out for and it always gravitates towards the top of the read pile whenever a new issue comes out.  They infuse it with a great energy and it captivates you so much that you want to go back and read it again once you are finished.  It has the same result that a good action movie does, and it is not often that you could say that about most of DC’s titles.  Though this is the first we have seen of Atlanna, she is a very interesting character and if she does not become a member of Aquaman’s supporting cast going forward, then it will be a huge mistake.  She is very much like Mera in a way, strong and confidant, independent and not afraid of battle.  You can never have too many great female characters and Atlanna is one in the making.  Great stuff from Parker, Pelletier and company.

4 out of 5

Graveyard Shift #3
Graveyard Shift #3

Writer – Jay Faerber
Artist – Fran Bueno

Those looking for a traditional vampire book need look no further than Jay Faerber and Fran Bueno’s Graveyard Shift.  It features all of your classic tropes and does not feature anything really new to the genre, but it is written and drawn exceptionally well and proves that you do not need to rewrite the rules to tell a good story.  As it is, the book details the ongoing struggle that Hope and Liam find themselves in ever since Hope was turned into a vampire.  Still being relatively new to her current status, Hope has no idea what to do or how to cure her intense hunger.  Hope may not know what to do and looking to Liam is not helping matters any either as he has no idea what to do either.  Together though, they decide to seek out the creature that turned her and maybe they can find out what to do when they get to that point.  Firstly, the book looks great.  Exceedingly so, as Bueno provides not only the pencils, but the inks and colours as well.  The book is utterly gorgeous and if there is one thing you want to see come out of all of this, it is either an ongoing title with Bueno still on art or the man making it to the big leagues so that he might draw some of the characters we all know and love. Faerber’s story is engaging and keeps you hooked from cover to cover and it really does not matter if we might have seen variations of this story before as he packs a punch with his extremely solid script.  Faerber has been doing quality work for many years now and this book is just another example of his fantastic body of work.  This is a quality miniseries that needs to live on in some form come the end of this tale and hopefully Faerber and Bueno make that a reality.

4 out of 5

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