Mind Capsules – Uncanny Avengers #2 and King: Prince Valiant #1

Uncanny Avengers #2
Uncanny Avengers #2

Writer – Rick Remender
Artist – Daniel Acuna

At the moment, most of the team is benched having been captured by the High Evolutionary’s forces.  Sabretooth is free, for a moment or two at least, and Doctor Voodoo is off communicating with the dead.  For all intents and purposes, this new incarnation of the team has been defeated and it really did not take all that much.  There is one thing the High Evolutionary notices though, and that is the simple fact that his people are imperfect.  Still.  And so what else is there to do, but erase them from existence by killing them all and starting over with Sabretooth as the new genetic base to work off of.  Remender and Acuna continue to make things difficult for the team, no matter who happens to be on it, and simply put, it is fantastic.  Nothing like a little adversity to bring out the best in our heroes and while they might be in a tough spot at the moment, you know that it is not going to remain so for very long.  It is a little strange seeing Sabretooth act the good guy, and not just pretending to be a team player until whatever is controlling him is disabled, but an actual good guy who realizes that the things he did in the past were not what most people would call civilized.  It will be interesting to see what Doctor Voodoo accomplishes with his little trip to the realm of the dead and what, if anything, those millions of poor souls who reside there will be able to do for him.  Captain America is out of it, Rogue is still tied up, Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch are just coming to and who knows exactly where the Vision is, so just how they are going to escape their predicament and get out of this situation is a good question.  A great second chapter in this new volume that proves the High Evolutionary is truly a villain of the highest calibre.

4 out of 5

King Prince Valiant #1
King: Prince Valiant #1

Writer – Nate Cosby
Artist – Ron Salas
Colours – Luigi Anderson

Unlike the previous books in the King line put out by Dynamite, this one takes place long before the events of any of them, though it does not stop it from being a good read.  At this point in time, young Valiant is just a squire, not a prince or even a knight.  But he has a few problems like too much bravado, too much courage, too much of a temper and not enough self-control or experience to rein it all in.  As such, Valiant does not remain a squire for very long.  Nate Cosby spins a yarn very different from his peers in the current King Features Syndicate line and gives it a feeling of epic scope and adventure, even though very little of anything has happened as of yet.  There is a framing sequence that takes place in a cave between two voices and when they are revealed come the end of the book, it causes you to wonder just how it got to this point and what it is that lives in this cave.  The artwork by Ron Salas is quite simple at times and very detailed during others and despite the differences, it works quite well.  There is a charming aspect to it, calling forth those feelings of adventure that the book needs and it makes the issue a lot of fun to read.  Being an origin tale, Cosby has started the book off on the right track and hopefully as such, it will be the launching point for an ongoing book.  Prince Valiant is not the best of the bunch, not yet at least, but it has the potential to be so.

3.5 out of 5

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