Issue by Issue – All-Star Squadron #36

All-Star_Squadron_Vol_1_36Writer – Roy Thomas
Penciler – Rich Buckler
Inker – Richard Howell
Colours – Carl Gafford
Letterer – David Cody Weiss

There is a new threat coming out of Germany and he goes by the name of Captain Marvel.  Shocking yes, but he does not follow the Reich out of misguided loyalties but because of Hitler who holds the Spear of Destiny and young Billy Batson as hostage.  This of course perturbs Superman to no end especially as they are calling this man a Super-Nazi, an abomination of a name too close to his own.  So what else is there to do then, but gather the Squadron and head off to do battle with this new enemy, for if Germany retains a weapon such as Captain Marvel then everyone is in big trouble.  It has been a long time in the coming, but Roy Thomas finally introduces the Big Red Cheese to this latest incarnation of JSA history and it turns out to be quite exciting.  There are of course questions that arise out of this whole situation, such as how is Captain Marvel even able to function in Germany with the Spear of Destiny present?  Can Hitler make exceptions for those he wants so that they might retain their powers or is something else at work?  The big question that raises its head is how Billy and Captain Marvel were separated in the first place?  Roy Thomas has crafted a very intriguing tale that really grabs you as he sends the Squadron up against the World’s Mightiest Mortal.  This version of the team is your classic Justice Society lineup, which is nice to see, but again, it would have been great to see some of the main Squadron members appear.  Come the end of the issue, Thomas also brings in Mary Batson and Freddie Freeman and things manage to get a little confused between everyone because if Captain Marvel is a villain, then these other versions of him must be as well.  This was a really fantastic issue with a lot of action and high drama with a completely unexpected villain.

4 out of 5

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