Mind Capsules – Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #9 and Earth 2 World’s End #20

Iron Fist The Living Weapon #9
Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #9

Writer – Kaare Kyle Andrews
Artist – Kaare Kyle Andrews

Finally, the Iron Fist has returned to New York and brought the fight to the monster that destroyed K’un Lun.  With Sparrow along for the ride, they face the might of various factions combined together as well as Davos and whatever else the villains decide to throw in their way.  But it is not just the physical that they face, as Danny must also face down the fact that his mind might be playing tricks on him as Fooh, who has been helping him in his recovery, died many years ago.  Kaare Kyle Andrews delivers up another exciting issue of the Living Weapon that sees him ready to face down the creature who has torn his life apart.  But even though his body is mended, Danny Rand is still no match for the being that may or may not be his father.  This issue also finds that Andrews has not only been playing with Danny’s mind, but ours as well with the discovery that Fooh is not a real being, or at least has not been for quite some time.  Even so, he is still an integral part in the book and remains a source of comedic relief.  Now what that means for our hero going forward is unknown at the moment.  Will he be okay once he absorbs the chi of his people and defeats the monster, or will his mind stay broken, as broken as it is?  While Andrews weaves a thrilling tale, his artwork is even better and utterly captivating.  Iron Fist has always been a book of action and Andrews portrays action like nobody else.  Our hero comes alive upon the page under the careful guidance of Andrews and the book is not only a beautiful one, but one that is electric and full of energy.  With Andrews at the helm, Iron Fist is indeed a living weapon.

4.5 out of 5

Earth 2 World's End #20
Earth 2 World’s End #20

Writer – Daniel H. Wilson, Marguerite Bennett, Mike Johnson, Cullen Bunn
Artist – Scott McDaniel, Tyler Kirkham, Jorge Jiminez, Robson Rocha, Guillermo Ortego, R.B. Silva, Walden Wong
Colours – Andrew Dalhouse

The Parliament of the Earth has lost one of its members, and so the only thing they can think of to do to save their planet is to consolidate all of their power in one avatar, that of Green Lantern.  This issue also introduces us to a new version of Infinity Inc. which is quite interesting, Mr. Miracle cannot get the ship going that was supposed to save humanity and Terry Sloan returns.  There is a big foible in this issue, and how the editors could have missed it is fairly ridiculous.  When the book starts out, the Parliament declares that the Blue is lost and yet come the end of the book, there he is, alive and well – somehow.  There is no explanation and it was probably a mistake, but how they let it get through, especially in a tale that featured the Parliament and its avatars quite heavily is strange indeed.  If it is not a mistake, then our team of writers will have to somehow explain it in the next issue, if they do so at all.  Other than that, the issue was quickly paced and full of action.  There were some more scenes with Batman and Huntress doing their thing as well as Mr. Miracle and his team trying their best to provide a way for humanity to survive, but it is the Green Lantern story that is the more interesting one by far.  The book continues to try and tie things up and has been doing a decent job of it, but some parts lag behind others which at times, is a little annoying.  Overall this was a good issue, just not as strong as others.

3 out of 5

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  1. I’ve been meaning to catch up on Iron Fist. Not too far into the title so I can probably grab them all and check them out. Looking forward to it. I wasn’t sure it was worth my time. Thanks!

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