Issue by Issue – The Warlord #65


Writer – Mike Grell, Gary Cohn
Artist – Dan Jurgens, Ron Randall
Inker – Mike DeCarlo, Ron Randall
Colours – Adrienne Roy, Bob LeRose
Letters – John Costanza, Adam Kubert

Most people would shy away from Castle Deimos, but Morgan is headed straight there as his daughter, Jennifer now calls it home.  Usually a father does not need a reason to see his child, but Morgan is on a mission because his friends are trapped in the past and the only person he knows that might have a chance of getting him there is his daughter.  Meanwhile in the past, circumstances bring Rostov and Shakira into a confrontation with Mariah and Machiste and of course, a fight ensues.  It has been a long time coming, but Mike Grell is finally returning to Morgan’s friends who have been lost in time for what has seemed like forever.  Also good to see is Travis’ daughter, Jennifer, who has changed once more.  She is now far more confidant from the last time we saw her, as well as becoming more aloof and far more powerful.  Of course, she is able to do as Morgan asks, but things become even more interesting when she tells him that she will go with him as well.  The first meeting between Rostov and Morgan’s former companions went as predicted, though Mariah does end up recognizing Rostov so come the next book, things should mellow out and see everyone teaming up to defeat the big bad and get back to the present.  Assumedly that is.  The only drawback to the issue is the little wizard named Mongo, who is supposed to be the comedic relief but is really just an annoying presence that will be better once he is out of the book.  This was a good entry in the Warlord’s latest adventure even if little happened, but it did move the story along quite nicely.

3 out of 5

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