Issue by Issue – The Warlord #64


Writer – Mike Grell, Sharon Wright, Gary Cohn
Artist – Dan Jurgens, Ron Randall
Inker – Wayne Howard, Ron Randall
Colours – Adrienne Roy, Bob LeRose
Letters – Phil Felix, Milton Snappin

Shakira and Morgan have found the missing Rostov, but as they look on, he disappears into what seems like a time portal.  Of course, what else is there to do Morgan thinks, than to rush in and follow him?  So he does, with Shakira in tow, but when they go through, something happens and Shakira makes it while Morgan is spit back out.  So while Morgan sits waiting, Shakira and Rostov are off in the age of Wizard Kings trying to figure out their next move.  This was a fairly interesting tale only for the simple fact that we do not often, or ever, see Shakira off by herself on an adventure.  It was nice of Mike Grell to give us one as it was definitely something that the book needed.  Travis Morgan might be the star of the show, but his supporting characters are just as important and letting them share that spotlight every now and then keeps them relevant to the story.  Tara rarely ever got solo time until recently and Mariah and Machiste have been absent for a long time and when they did appear last, it was in a separate backup tale.  As for anyone else of import, forget it.  It is not to say that Morgan needs to be pushed aside in favour of his supporting characters, but most of them were lacking in character development, and this way we get to see more of who they are and exactly what they would do in given situations.  As the tale is just getting started, Shakira and Rostov have not done very much, except for helping to defeat a dragon (just a little thing), so it will be fun to see what they do next and if they can get themselves back home to their own time.

3.5 out of 5

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