Mind Capsules – Dawn/Vampirella #3 and All-New Captain America #4

Dawn-Vampirella #3
Dawn/Vampirella #3

Writer – Joseph Michael Linsner
Artist – Joseph Michael Linsner
Colours – Joseph Michael Linsner, Valentina Pinto

Dawn and Vampirella are still prisoners and forced to continue telling stories for a sadistic demon whose purpose with the two still remains a little vague.  So it is that Dawn recounts another tale of the sisters Ann and Nancy, and how Nancy found the light so to speak, and wished never to do harm again.  Vampirella’s tale takes the reader to Drakulon where a young princess learns of her true nature and heads towards Earth on a quest for knowledge.  The series, written and drawn by Joseph Michael Linsner has been well executed thus far and remains a lot of fun but it is getting a little repetitive.  Strangely, it is not boring because of that repetition, but nonetheless, there is no headway being made as our heroines were captured in the first book and remain so with no change in status.  Aside from that small problem, Linsner’s writing is sharp and witty and even a little macabre at times while his artwork is as stunning as it has always been.  It is a shame that Linsner cannot keep up to the rigors of a monthly schedule or that he does not produce more than he does as his work is always a treat to behold.  The only thing that would have been nice to see which was not present are his pencils being painted instead of simply coloured which would have really put this book over the top.  The covers look fantastic, featuring Linsner’s patented painting and it will have to suffice in lieu of the entire book being so, but one can dream.  Even though Dawn and Vampirella have been working together up until this point, the longer they sit there and tell competing stories, how long is it until they are actually battling each other for the demon’s favour?  If that does happen, it could potentially make things very interesting.

3.5 out of 5

All-New Captain America #4
All-New Captain America #4

Writer – Rick Remender
Artist – Stuart Immonen
Inker – Wade Von Grawbadger
Colours – Marte Gracia

Sam Wilson is not having the best of luck in his new identity as Captain America.  He was unable to save Ian, he keeps getting beat by Zemo and his various allies, he keeps thinking he is letting Steve down and his self-doubts keep persisting.  In the end he usually comes out on top, much as good guys always do, but he is nowhere nearer to stopping Zemo now than when he first started out and by the end of this issue, it looks like he might be too late.  Even though it seemed like Rick Remender was putting Steve Rogers through his paces with the last series, what he is doing with the former Falcon in this one is even more intense.  Part of that is due to the lack of super-soldier serum making Sam just an average guy, one that is in good shape, but still just average.  The other part of it is due to the lack of experience.  Steve had a lot of experience, far more than Sam does and so it is that Sam might just be in over his head.  The man has heart and great willpower, no one can deny that, but there comes a point when he might have to call in for help as he is only just one man.  One of the good things about the current storyline thus far is having Misty Knight guest star.  She has always been a great character and is definitely underutilized in the Marvel Universe at the moment.  Another is having Zemo as the big bad, more ruthless and more cunning than he has ever been before, the man is playing for keeps and will let nothing stand in his way.  Zemo has been played for a fool many times before, but this time there is no hesitation on his part as he knows what he wants and he aims to get it.  The best thing about the story though is Remender’s portrayal of Sam.  Here is a guy who came from very little, had a tough life growing up and is now fighting for the rights and freedoms of everybody.  Like Zemo, he believes in what he does and he will do whatever it takes to live up to the mantle of Captain America and to the ideals and goals he has set himself.  It is great seeing a hero struggle, really struggle and then seeing him overcome and that is making this book an extremely compelling read.  Wonderful stuff from all involved.

4 out of 5

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