Mind Capsules – Captain America & the Mighty Avengers #5 and Batman Eternal #46

Captain America & the Mighty Avengers #5
Captain America & the Mighty Avengers #5

Writer – Al Ewing
Artist – Iban Coello
Colours – Rachelle Rosenberg

As of late our heroes have been having a little trouble with Jason Quantrell, mostly because he is a schemer and a liar and wants to buy our heroes to use as he sees fit.  Of course, they want none of that.  On another front, Power Man and White Tiger are on the hunt for whatever killed Gideon Mace, Blue Marvel is searching for his son who is lost in the Negative Zone and the team, who are currently split up into three groups, are all getting themselves into trouble.  Unlike the other Avengers books, Al Ewing always injects this one with a good dose of humour.  Whether it comes from the dialogue, the situations or the character descriptions, you are always guaranteed a laugh from this book no matter what is going on.  That brevity coupled with the tone and feel of the book make it the one that is more closely associated to those Avengers tales of years gone by than any other Avengers book being published currently.  The team might be different, but it has that old-school feel that makes it a joy to read.  Blue Marvel gets a chance to shine for a bit this issue which is always nice to see, though it would be even better to see him flex the muscles once in a while other than just his mind.  Also great to see is White Tiger and Power Man in battle as they are quickly becoming the two favourites of the book.  Most of the rest of the cast had very little to do, which will most likely be different come the next issue and what Luke and Jessica discover cannot be anything good whatsoever.  Iban Coello’s artwork looks great and is a perfect fit for the book in the absence of Luke Ross and he also draws some really exciting action sequences.  This is probably the most eclectic team of Avengers to have been seen in an Avengers book in quite some time, but it is also one of the best and one that never fails to entertain.

4 out of 5

Batman Eternal #46
Batman Eternal #46

Writer – Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Tim Seeley, Ray Fawkes, Kyle Higgins
Artist – Alessandro Vitti, Christian Duce, Ronan Cliquet
Colours – Romulo Fajardo Jr., Matt Milla

To say that Batman is a little angry is like saying the ocean is only a little bit of water.  Traveling all the way to Pakistan, Batman wants to talk to Ra’s al Ghul because he believes that it has been Ra’s who has been behind everything that has happened to him and his city.  Ra’s of course does not really want to talk at the moment, as it would be hard to do so with Batman’s fists in his face and so decides to torment the man instead.  Suffice it to say, that does not last very long.  Scott Snyder and company provide us with another decent issue of Batman Eternal, but one that seems like it is just tiding us over until something good actually happens.  The book was not bad, it was just that we have seen similar stories featuring these two characters before, as well as others, and the whole dream/vision/hallucinatory sequence thing is really played out.  It would have been nice if that whole part of the book had been cut out and instead, Batman and Ra’s get to the point and another part of the ongoing story been given some pages in its place.  The more interesting part of the book was the scene with Selina and the Lion.  Selina’s having a little trouble with someone smuggling some big ticket items into the city and as she does not know who to trust, but also believing it might be the Lion himself doing the smuggling, she gets him to find out just what is going on.  The relationship between the two is something that bears further exploring as it is so different to what Selina’s is with anyone else, and hopefully, the Lion will eventually get out of prison thereby making it even more intriguing.  This was a decent issue, just not as fun or as exciting as others.

3.5 out of 5

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