Mind Capsules – Thor #5 and Secret Six #2

Thor #5
Thor #5

Writer – Jason Aaron
Artist – Jorge Molina

Thor is doing her best to hold down the mantle of the Thunder God, to do it some justice and taking out the Absorbing Man and Titania is helping to do exactly that.  Odinson, or the former Thor, is curious as to who it is that holds his hammer, Odin himself is curious as to who holds the hammer and Freya, while curious, wishes that she picked it up when she had the chance.  There are some interesting things going on in this title at the moment, one of which is how Odin is a little meaner and a little more pigheaded than he used to be.  It could be because his brother Cul is now free to roam the halls of Asgard after the two of them spent a lot of quality time together, or it could be the simple fact that his family has grown a little distant and independent during his latest absence.  Whatever the reason, Odin is getting tired of everyone’s insolence and you can see it in every instance of the book that Jason Aaron places him in.  Of course, the mystery of who is behind the mask, so to speak, is still the presiding plotline of the book, which is keeping both character’s and reader’s interest piqued.  So far Aaron has been doing a good job of it and the book has been quite exciting.  There are some good little comedy bits in this issue, specifically the ‘girl power’ moment with Titania and it is good to see a little humour break its way into the title, which as of late has been a little dark with all the battling and serious tones and all.  The moment between Freya and Thor is interesting, as Freya essentially gives Thor her blessing; though at the same time a warning to do the right thing and honour what she has been given.  Jorge Molina provides some really stunning pencils as Russell Dauterman takes a break and should that break ever become permanent, Molina should be the guy to fill his shoes.  A great issue by all involved.

4 out of 5

Secret Six #2
Secret Six #2

Writer – Gail Simone
Artist – Ken Lashley
Inker – Ken Lashley, Drew Geraci
Colours – Jason Wright

Even though there was a bit of a wait between the first issue and this second one, it was worth it as Gail Simone’s story and Ken Lashley’s incredible artwork turned out to be a lot of fun.  During the book, we get some background on Catman and his life before he got trapped in a box with all of these other villains, finding he was locked up for a year, though for what reason has still not been made apparent.  But as we learn of Catman’s past, the clock is still winding down and if this group cannot find a way out or answer the question that keeps getting asked, one of them will be killed.  So far, two issues in, the title is packed with multiple mysteries and really interesting characters.  Who are all these strange villains, where did they come from, why are they all locked up together, and will they survive working as a team are just a few questions that come to mind.  There is definitely a darker tone to this book than its previous iteration, and not just from the characters themselves, but from the overall mood and the way the book is drawn.  Where the previous series was more of a villain team-up book, this one seems to fit in the survival horror genre, an intriguing take for Simone and DC to take, but one that so far, is really working well.  Where our ‘heroes’ go from here, only Simone knows, but she has done a great job of making us want to find out.  Along with that element of horror, she weaves in some palpable suspense as well as a little action and the results could not be any better.  Hopefully the next issue ships on time as the next chapter is already calling us back.

4 out of 5

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