Mind Capsules – Amazing Spider-Man #14 and Batman Eternal #45

Amazing Spider-Man #14
Amazing Spider-Man #14

Writer – Dan Slott
Artist – Giuseppe Camuncoli, Olivier Coipel
Inker – Wade Von Grawbadger, Cam Smith, Livesay
Colours – Justin Ponsor

In Web Warriors, the final part of Spider-Verse, or at least aside from the epilogue, our heroes take the fight to the Inheritors and surprisingly hold their own.  A lot of the various spider-heroes play a part in the tale, though with so many, only a few really get to shine, and the one that probably stands out the most and miles ahead of anyone else, is Spider-Ham!  Sure, Peter was good, Otto was great, Mayday stood tall and Silk and Gwen and Jessica were as fantastic as they always are, but Dan Slott, Giuseppe Camuncoli and Olivier Coipel really let Peter Porker have his moment in the sun.  Aside from him though, the book was action-packed and filled to the brim with great moments.  The pace was unrelenting and for a little while, you wondered if our heroes could even overcome the combined might of their foes, especially when their long-lost brother returned.  But, as it is, you kind of know that the good guys are going to win, you simply do not know how until the curtain drops.  And speaking of that ending, it was a little unexpected.  It does of course leave the door open for an eventual sequel of some kind, at some point possibly.  What happens now, other than everyone returning to their own dimensions is still left up in the air, but when all is said and done, it would be great to get a title or titles featuring all of these wonderful characters.  One big question that remains to be answered is what will happen to Otto Octavius come the end of this.  There is no chance that he will just quietly ride off into the sunset, and he is sure to want to return back to the 616 Earth to resume what he assumes is his life.  The conflict that will arise from that will either be huge, or nothing at all as he has a million worlds to choose from, but it should be pretty interesting if nothing else.  Another thing that is doubtful to happen, but would be nice if it did, is a new Spider-Girl title with Mayday.  She is a great character with a lot of history and if anyone deserves a book, it is her.  With some great artwork and an insanely compelling story, Spider-Verse has been a truly excellent crossover.  What will Dan Slott think of next?

4.5 out of 5

Batman Eternal #45
Batman Eternal #45

Writer – Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Tim Seeley, Kyle Higgins, Ray Fawkes
Artist – Javi Fernandez
Colours Dan Brown

Batman’s, and Batwing’s, ghost problems continue as each man has to figure out how to defeat them.  Luckily, being the resourceful people that they are – they do.  Also, just to make sure of things, Jim Corrigan shows up to give them a helping hand as Milo had discovered a book, a dangerous one that made all the destruction at Arkham possible and whose after-effects are still being felt.  Meanwhile, Bluebird and Spoiler continue their chat and Batman thinks he knows who might be behind everything.  Maybe.  This was a fun issue, maybe not as fun as the last couple, but still a good one.  For a Batman book, it is really interesting to see all sorts of genres collide as it makes its way along, including the mystical which is always a perfect fit for our hero.  Not necessarily because he knows anything about it, but mainly due to the dark nature of the book and the sinister undertones that have always permeated it.  It is always a good thing to see Jim Corrigan in the book and what better way to deal with the supernatural than to bring in a ringer.  Also good to see is Spoiler still having a presence and the writers keeping the ball rolling on that particular storyline.  The conclusion to the issue is somewhat surprising in a way, but not in another, for every other villain that Batman has faced has made an appearance, so it was only a matter of time before those that were left were to show up.  There are still multiple plotlines that have been left dangling and it would be nice to see some of them come to a conclusion and perhaps, maybe, this issue is a step in the right direction.

3.5 out of 5

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