Mind Capsules – Grayson #7 and Wolf Moon #3

Grayson #7
Grayson #7

Writer – Tom King, Tim Seeley
Artist – Stephen Mooney
Colours – Jeremy Cox

With Dick being locked up in the Garden, there is only one man that Spyral can turn to – the Midnighter!  Not completely though, as Midnighter realizes that he will need Grayson’s help so they manage to convince the Gardener to let him free so that they can go and battle the Fist of Cain before a tragedy of epic proportions happens.  Guest artist Stephen Mooney and regular writers Tim Seeley and Tom King bring the thrills and excitement as sparring partners Grayson and Midnighter team up for the first time.  The result is a fun, fast-paced issue; much like the previous six and it was nice to see Midnighter on the side of the angels for once, at least in this series.  The one potential problem that seems to persist that almost gets our heroes in trouble more often than not is Dick’s hard and fast rule about no killing.  Sure, it should only be used as a last resort, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do and Midnighter understands that.  The mystery of Spyral deepens yet again with Director Minos making an appearance during the mission, but when the end of the book comes, you have to wonder – was it him or somebody else?  Midnighter gets a little more characterization as well come the end of the issue as we see that he is a cold man, one with morals, but a one that holds little regard for anyone else.  What is great about seeing him in this book though is the success that the writers have had in portraying him, as this is probably the closest Midnighter or any of the Wildstorm characters have been depicted thus far in the New 52.  On another note, Stephen Mooney’s pencils look spectacular and they are a perfect fill-in for the missing Mikel Janin.  While it is usually preferred to have Janin on the book, Mooney will do in a pinch and is welcome back any time.  As per usual this is a great entry into the annals of Dick Grayson’s adventures and a boon to the Bat-family of titles.

4 out of 5

Wolf Moon #3
Wolf Moon #3

Writer – Cullen Bunn
Artist – Jeremy Huan
Colours – Lee Loughridge

Dillon is still on the hunt for the werewolf and he gets a lead that sends him to a shopping mall in the great state of Illinois, definitely somewhere you do not want to find a werewolf.  But Dillon is not the only one hunting the monster and whether that is a good thing or not, remains to be seen.  Starting off a little slow, the issue then starts to pick up with some great action courtesy of Cullen Bunn and Jeremy Huan with Dillon finally getting a solid lead on the wolf as well as ditching his fear in the process.  The introduction of another hunter, if that is what he is, will make things interesting for our hero though in reality, Dillon should welcome any help he can get even though this hunter is not the most careful of people.  We get a little bit of time with Cayce in the beginning of the book, talking to Dillon and trying to get him to come home, even though by helping him she knows that there is a chance that it will not happen and he could be heading to his death.  There is one little quibble that raises its head with this series, and particularly this issue and that is if werewolves exist in this book, is there only one or is there more?  Also, if there are more, how does Dillon know which wolf it is he is following as they can jump bodies, or is he simply going to try and eradicate them all?  Not a big deal really as the series is so enjoyable, but you do think about it a little.  With some exceptional artwork by Jeremy Huan that really makes this book come alive, the third issue of Wolf Moon is excitement and horror done right.

4 out of 5

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