Mind Capsules – Ant-Man #2 and Robocop #8

Ant-Man #2
Ant-Man #2

Writer – Nick Spencer
Artist – Ramon Rosanas
Colours – Jordan Boyd

The shambles that is Scott Lang’s life at the moment continues and things are actually looking up!  He gets to see his daughter, without his ex-wife knowing at least, and he is starting up his own business, if Tony Stark does not sue him into the ground first.  Nick Spencer writes a lot of good books, but this one is perhaps the most fun to be had from him and it shows on every single page.  The book is funny, with moments both subtle and laugh out loud and you would be hard pressed to find a book as humourous as this one.  You have to feel bad for Scott as life has just given him the shaft at every turn.  The problem now is the fact it is not life that is hurting him, it is himself.  The guy simply cannot do anything right and when he tries to do so; it just ends up getting thrown back in his face.  The one thing that Scott does have though is a good heart.  He knows the difference between wrong and right, good and bad and in the end, he usually makes up for whatever it is he might have done.  Usually.  Including the Grizzly in this issue as the villain was fantastic and then having the two turn out to be friends of a sort at the end was even better.  Cassie is still the main supporting cast member, though it looks as if Scott has gained another couple, and it is good to see her again in any form.  It would be nice to see Stature make a reappearance at some point, though it will most likely end up seeing her save her dad from something he has gotten himself into.  The book might be funny, but it is also heartfelt and has its fair share of action too, queue the Nazi robot in the bank vault, and with the extremely wonderful artwork of Ramon Rosanas, the book is a win on every count.

4.5 out of 5

Robocop #8
Robocop #8

Writer – Joshua Williamson
Artist – Carlos Magno
Colours – Marissa Louise

Robocop is tired of Killian getting away with crimes left and right and if he has to go through an army to put a stop to the man, then that is exactly what he will do.  Another person who aims to stop Killian is Detective Lewis and when she puts her plan in play, it works, yet come the end of the book neither Robocop nor Lewis are going to be very happy.  Under Joshua Williamson and Carlos Magno’s hands, Robocop has been to hell and back as he is having the hardest time working around the rules set out by the police department, OCP’s constant interference and Killian’s manipulations.  This issue finds him in a sad state of affairs, unable to be repaired due to budget restrictions and being told that he will serve the public in whatever condition he finds himself in from now on.  Lewis finally gets to prove she was right all along about the villain, but when Killian escapes, she is now going to have to look over her shoulder as the man is more than unhinged.  It is hard to find a film property that is as true to its origins as this one is and Williamson makes it look easy.  Everyone sounds like they should and thanks to Magno, everyone looks it too.  One interesting facet about this story so far is that even though it has just been one long arc, it remains as entertaining now as it has from the first issue.  Hopefully Robocop will be able to keep going come the next book.

4 out of 5

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